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  1. UPDATE After viewing this amazing video, I have decided to defect to the Peoples Republic of Donetsk.
  2. Forum Name: Dr Aquafresh Game/TS name: Dr Aquafresh Prerequesites met Y/N: Y
  3. I died when his trapdoor wouldn't work. My only question is: Will there be 2 player coop with P2 as Rodman? If not, I give this game 1 Giant north korean soldier smashing the capitol out of 5
  4. They even have MAD booms on the little P-3s. You crazy, Japan.
  5. I came across this the other day: It is a coloring book for A-10 pilots that describes the best ways to damage or destroy a T-62. It contains choice phrases like "An A-10 will not fit underneath a T-62 tank and remain airborne" and "Strafe those atheistic degenerates" Full of cold war hathos, I thought you fighter jocks might like it. imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/SD8Ew
  6. This post is more about ignoring the geopolitical consequences and focusing on the tactical issues. Based on Lavrov's recent comments, I believe that Ukraine will not attack, but try to plan as if they would. Given that Russia has repeatedly accused america of "running the show from washington", you should make a plan to remove the separatists. I believe you meant southern russian. A clarification on BLUFOR- Like many soviet successor states, Ukraine had a significant number of highly trained and well supplied operators under the command of the interior ministry. These forces are all currently inactive, and most of their commanders are awaiting trial for shooting protestors in the maidan. The Ukrainian military will be handling the actual clearance. derp
  7. You are home, in the glorious People's Republic of Donetsk.
  8. Forgot about that. As an addendum to execution, it is advised to not attend any "press conferences" For those of you wondering, the guy from VICE is currently being held hostage by russian militants.
  9. Target building A is Donetsk Regional Administration. B and C are not on the map. The lat and long provided is the east side of building A- buildings B and C are on the west side. It is easy to spot them on google maps. Building B, the city council building, is connected to building A above ground, and tunnels are likely. EDIT The map posted lists city council as another building, it is wrong. Multiple sources cite building B as the city council building. Treat the map posted as a quick reference for google maps.
  10. T72s are known for turret pop, but I am sure they filled the vehicle with explosives to simulate a combat load of ammo.
  11. ASSAULT ON THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF DONETSK My favorite thing about the recent crisis in Ukraine is what it has revealed to the world about the slavic peoples- they give no fucks. These people go full out with everything that they do. Have a protest about your corrupt, russian controlled dictator? Build a medieval war camp in the center of the capital. Police charge you with a BTR? Set it on fire. Has a country you previously controlled rebelled? Invade it. All of these are great things, but my favorite event is the establishment of THE GLORIOUS DONETSK PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. For those of you who do not know, I will summarize. On 6APR2014, a pro-russian demonstration of about 1000 people was held in the center of donetsk, the regional capital of ukraine's most developed oblast(it is also ~45% russian). During this march, a group of about 200 broke off from the protest and attacked the regional administrative building. Before the guards could say “Get out of here stalker!”, the protesters had taken over control of the building. One day later, the protesters declared independence from Ukraine, creating a new nation slightly larger than a football pitch. All of this has created an odd situation. Russia has repeatedly warned Ukraine about using force to dislodge the protesters, but if Ukraine wants to continue existing, they need to show that the government is capable of enforcing their own laws. The Ukranian military has taken several places from local militias, including an airport, but the DONETSK PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC has remained strong and free. This cannot remain, and at some point, a treaty will be signed with russia, and Ukraine will be able to evict the current tenants. *EDIT- Since I wrote this, Ukraine has withdrawn from the tentative treaty with russia and pledged to start clearing out the militants. Russia has stated that they will respond to any attack, so I guess we will see what happens. After Joey B stopped by, Ukraine has gotten much more aggressive about the whole “insurgents in your country” thing, and will likely begin to remove the militants and see how russia reacts. I have been following this story for a while now, and I have become fascinated with the operation to clear the building. I am going to create a basic brief for the mission, and I would like to hear what you guys would do to accomplish it. I am gonna use a SMSEC format, and the opord will be from a national military commander to the task force commander. I have used the basic format, but it is written so that everyone can understand, not so that it could be an actual OPORD. WEATHER: date of op TBD TERRAIN Location: 48.008886,37.8018503 The Donetsk regional administrative center is located in the cultural center of donetsk. The local area is urban, but the streets are broad and there is a significant amount of green space, typical of soviet city planning. The actual complex is a three building group. Building A is a 12 story tall office tower. Building B is the city council building, 4 stories. Building C is a 3 story support annex. The complex is bordered by green space on the north and east sides, with residential buildings across a street on the west and south sides. The local art museum and central library are 200m E, a major cathedral is in a park 500m NE, the opera house 600m SE. OPFOR controls the admin complex, and has erected barricades around all 3 buildings, extending approx 30m from the structures. These barricades are arrayed in depth, and are constructed of wood, tires, concertina wire, and anything else they can get their hands on. Pictures of local terrain and maps are in the appendix. SITUATION ENEMY The admin complex is occupied by more than 1000 protesters. Approx 600-800 of the individuals present are non-combatants, but are non-cooperative and will need to be removed and processed. The army of the Peoples Republic of donetsk consists of approx 200 men. For the most part, these are poorly trained militiamen and street toughs with limited organization. There are at least 25 and possibly as many as 100 trained russian personnel who are coordinating the resistance, but their control is limited. OPFOR is armed with a number of different weapons, and information is hard to come by. The information on enemy weapons is divided into three categories- definite, likely, and possible. OPFOR definitely has 50+ rifles and tons of molotov cocktails(might as well be Lavrov cocktails). Likely has several RPKs, PKMs, RPGs, grenades, and possibly has a 12.7mm weapon and IEDs. There are a number of local militias who may respond to actions by BLUFOR. They are poorly organized, but decently equipped with russian small arms, including AKs, PKMs, and RPGs. They have an unconfirmed number of BMDs and other “donated” army vehicles, but lack any resupply. Regional militias have russian trained advisers, but their number and location is unknown. OPFOR has erected a series of wood and tire barricades around the admin complex. The barricades are manned by men with clubs and shields. The main complex is held by armed militiamen. OPFOR has established a number of improvised fighting positions around the complex, and will be in heavy cover. MPCOA PRD forces are likely to use non-combatants as shields and to confuse BLUFOR. PRD forces will wait in prepared positions until BLUFOR begins to move in, then will attempt to pin friendly forces in the open. MDCOA OPFOR will use non-combatants to force BLUFOR to use non-lethals and move within engagement range. OPFOR will engage BLUFOR with IEDs in the open, then pin the survivors with MMG fire. They could also bring in militia from other areas of the city with their recently acquired BMDs, execute civilians, set fire to surrounding buildings and shoot the firefighters.... This list goes on for a while. There are hundreds of ways that the protesters/russians could make this nasty- try to surprise me with one. SITUATION FRIENDLY This is an extremely high priority mission, and the task force commander will have access to any equipment that the Ukrainian military possesses. The specialized SWAT teams from the interior ministry have been essentially shut down after the Maidan, so the mission will likely fall to the military. Units involved will likely be Ukrainian special operations, with MPs in support, and regular soldiers maintaining perimeter and blocking potions. Attach/detach- anything you want. MISSION Clear militants and protesters out of the Donetsk regional administrative center and associated buildings. EXECUTION At commanders discretion. I do not know what the ROE will be, but minimizing casualties is likely, so suppressing fire is not suggested. SERVICE AND SUPPORT At commanders discretion. COMMAND AND SIGNAL At commanders discretion. ANNEXES LAT/LONG: 48.008886,37.8018503 Local map PRD Army Street view I may update with more pics My own plan will come later, but I want to see what you people come up with.
  12. We had one exhibition game on a sunday, but when it came time for the real thing 1 week later, headshot changed the day to saturday. It was his event and his call, so we did not play.
  13. I was delighted when I heard who was narrating- the man who always warns me about enemy when we set the difficulty too low. also, recon units with gokarts should be a requirement for A3 missions.
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