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  1. This Poll Requires a 2/3 Vote and 1 Week. Poll Passes 83.33%
  2. This Poll requires a 2/3 vote and 1 week.
  3. This poll requires a 2/3 Vote and 1 week.
  4. This poll Requires a 2/3 Vote and 1 Week.
  5. This Poll requires a Simple Majority vote and 2 Weeks.
  6. The two threads that Boon removed and threatened moderation against are the following: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20414-request-for-information/?do=findComment&comment=252974 http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20416-request-for-information-from-azzwort/ Boon has directly violated 4.8 of the UO Charter by undermining two attempts are requests for information. He has misinterpreted the charter, forced it upon the user base, and used his power as an officer to remove posts and threaten moderation. Every regular has a right to information as defined by 4.8, and Boon denied those rights. This poll requires a 2/3 vote and 2 weeks.
  7. However, in the case of 4.8, administrative operations are, broadly, operations that can be read as anything granting officer's abilities, either defined by the Charter or SOPs voted in or placed. This includes not just the implementation of, but also the following of. An example of this would be: The SOP defines the operation, so following the SOP would be a step along an office defined administrative action by any SOP voted in or created. The definition of 4.8 is also further enforced in this thread created by beta: http://forums.united...or-information/ Thus, all requests for information by Dylan were directly related to the written SOPs. These requests were the following: Azzwort, along with refusing the provide information, has also hid a thread without explanation prior to his "answer." This thread is the following. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/20416-request-for-information-from-azzwort/ Azzwort has directly violated 4.8 of the UO Charter by undermining two attempts at requests for information. He has misinterpreted the charter, forced it upon the userbase, and used his powers as an officer to remove posts. Every regular has a right to information as defined by 4.8, and azzwort has defined those rights. This poll requires a 2/3 vote and 2 weeks.
  8. At present Addons and Modifications has very little to do with the core of the community and is not needing to be defined by the Charter. While this is a core function of ArmA and how the GSO office works, it should not be defined in the Charter, but by SOP. Since this is a request to Move/Migrate, this will be treated as a "VOTED CHANGE" and the affected SOP can not be changed unless it is voted as with any changes to the existing Charter. This is a process to simplify the Charter and remove extraneous parts that are not related to the community at large, only to the minutiae of an office. This SOP will be moved to http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/index.html/_/required-reading/gso/ Subsection http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/index.html/_/required-reading/gso/addons-content-additon-sops-r240 [PERSONAL] - This is not an intent to change how addons and modifications are used within the community but to separate a non community issue or definition from the Charter into it's appropriate location. This Poll Requires a 3/4 Vote and 2 Weeks.
  9. to: 4.0 Rules: Operations to add or amended rules must pass with a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote lasting two (2) weeks. We submit to the following rules in order to benefit the community at large: 4.1 - Cheating and hacking shall result in immediate and permanent removal from our community. 4.2 - The chain of command shall be respected during games. 4.3 - Players shall not intentionally team kill or otherwise disrupt game play. 4.4 - Player shall not engage in Forum/TeamSpeak spamming or otherwise disruptive behavior. 4.5 - Players shall respect each other and act accordingly. 4.6 - The rules of this community, the provisions so outlined in this document and the Standard Operating Procedures shall inform player conduct expectations. 4.7 - The rules of this community shall be applied equally across all mediums and services including, the Forums, TeamSpeak, and Game Servers. 4.8 - All operations of government must be publicly displayed. Any Regular may request and shall be entitled to any and all information regarding administrative operations. 4.9 - Sobriety will be required by individuals in leadership positions: both within the game and within the community’s offices. 4.10 - Players on the ARMA series servers must affirm that they possess certain tactical knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the soldier as furnished or endorsed by the United Operations Training Center in a Tactical Guide before being granted access to server connection details. Players must perform on the servers in accordance to the aforementioned. Those unable to perform will be removed from the server, advised to revisit the Tactical Guide, reaffirm their knowledge, skills and abilities and are permitted back on the server. Repeat offenders will be banned until they meet qualification criteria under the discretion of the United Operations Training Center. 2. Orders to Offices In addition to the charter amendment this poll issues several standing orders: If UOTC is unable to furnish a tactical guide by the completion date, Hellhound's Guide will be used as a substitute until UOTC can furnish it's own materials If the Basic Soldering Course is not prepared by the completion date, UOTC must be prepared to qualify banned individuals in an alternative fashion of their own discretion. The web server officers must modify the welcome guide and server rules page to require all players to manually affirm that they possess the KSAs as defined in the tactical guide, including a link to said guide. GM SOPs and best practices must reflect the new KSA requirement by the completion of this poll This poll requires a 3/4 vote and 2 weeks.
  10. My name is Daniel Fox, on the forums and servers i'm Fox D. And I would like to apply to be a regular at UO. A bit about me: As ive said my name is Daniel. I'm 22 and I currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I work full time and in my spare time I am a member of the Irish Army Reserve for 5 years now. I enjoy playing games when not doing either of those things! These include EvE Online, Total War and my guilty pleasure is the Sims. Why do I want to be a Reg? Quite simply I want to be a Regular so that I can have an influence and say in the direction of a community I have come to love being part of. What do I offer as a Regular? All I can offer as a Regular is my 100% effort into continuing to make UO a fun and mature community to be part of, to do this I will Continue to uphold and encourage the best level of play I can, both from myself and others Continue to show leadership by taking things seriously, tactically and realistically when I am in Any slot, not just leadership or CO Continue to step up and take admin anytime that is needed (Including in the future hopefully a GM slot) Continue to uphold the SoP's as best I can, and encourage and demand others do the same Continue to create missions for the community Continuing to be involved with, and become more involved with UOTC, whether as a full instructor or as an assistant I can also promise that I will always vote for what I feel is best for UO, and to always make sure I actually consider a topic before voting on it In closing I just want to say that I hope you all vote yes! And for those who vote no I would very much appreciate if you would post or PM me with a reason Regards Daniel Fox This poll requires a 2/3 vote and 1 week.
  11. This poll requires a 2/3 vote and 1 week.
  12. Information Specifics, Intent of Changes "2 - Operations are the standard method of community involvement in the decision making process and can be enacted across all aspects of the community." [EXISTING] This section is Unchanged - save for a Colon to a period. "2.1 - Standard Operations - All Operations are considered a Standard Operation, unless otherwise modified." [NEW] Establishes existing Standard Operations, as the basis for all Operations in future unless specifically defined. This is the definition of a Standard Operation, and establishes that all votes are Standard Operations unless specifically modified from the following definition. This is the base template for all operations within the community, and gives a framework for exceptions to be defined later or existing (reg/officer/addon/etc.) [PERSONAL] While already existing as the norm, this needed to be defined as a category, to work with later Operation Types, to be defined as their own categories. "2.1.1 -- Regulars are granted one (1) vote in Operations, additional titles gain no additional voting allotment/value." [EXISTING 2.3 and 2.4] Merged and Condensed 2.3 defined regulars as having 1 vote - (UNCHANGED) 2.4 defined officers as having no additional voting power [EXPANDED] Officers was a singular title, this expansion defines regulars as being the ONLY voting power within the community "2.1.2 -- Operations last for seven (7) days, and require a two-third's (2/3) majority to pass." [EXISTING 2.5 and 2.6] Merged and Condensed 2.5 Condensed with no change in meaning. 2.6 Condensed with no change in meaning. "2.1.3 -- Operation are presented as an anonymous request, excluding Regular/Officer Proposals." [EXITING 2.8] Voted Charter Change Modified [CONDENSED] Meaning is unchanged. [PERSONAL] With this formatting change, Regular/Officer Polls are a different type of poll as defined in 2.1, they would gain their own section within operations at a later time, should this pass. Those individual restrictions would then be migrated into the appropriate sections should they exist, but in another poll. Due to this being a Voted Change, it needs to exist within this format/structure change until the vote is completed and further organization can be conducted. (The intent is to not change meaning) "2.1.4 -- Votes shall be counted in an Automated/Anonymous method." [EXITING 2.7] Modified wording with no intended change in procedure, prior wording was "forum software" specific. [EXPANDED] Automated/Anonymous, defined to mean that no individual will be counting votes and seeing whom voted for what. "2.1.5 -- Failed Operations may not be resubmitted until (2) two weeks from it's scheduled conclusion." [EXISTING 2.9] Meaning Unchanged/Clarified based upon Procedure. [EXPANDED] Modified wording, Canceled or closed polls have always been an issue, this expands to define that a poll's normal expiration date is the benchmark for when a failed vote may be considered, ended. [PERSONAL] This change in wording does allow for polls to be closed, where requested. While not my favorite option, it grants a poll requestor to remove the proposal. This change while not my personal view on being required, will address issues we have had with "too much drama" surrounding polls for topics that are either no longer valid, or for nominations that no longer are valid. Letting a poll run to it's completion when the topic may have been exhausted and invalidated based on a Ban or other such manner only let such issues linger and become more toxic to the community. This is hopefully a compromise to allow for things that "need" to be closed, to happen and not drag a topic on for longer than is required. Polls still need to run their full length, and may not be decided "early" as spelled out in the new 2.1.2 (unless modified by a specific poll type) [PERSONAL] While I did not intend to change meanings, some of these wording adjustments have made modifications. I would urge you to read my notes and provide feedback if there are concerns with this wording proposal. This poll requires a 3/4 vote and 2 Weeks.
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