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    Reading books, studying history, playing pc games.
  1. I am glad you watched some of my videos:-) I just fixed my gaming rig and finally will be able to play Arma again! I hope to be able to play with you sometime on the server.
  2. I joined the crew. Can't wait until the online goes live!!!
  3. http://www.reddit.com/r/NetflixBestOf/
  4. That is an awesome video, thank you for sharing it.
  5. Go play this song to your significant other. You will make them happy.
  6. Hey Th33ndGam3r, and welcome to United Operations. I like to cook also, what is your favorite dish to make?
  7. That sounds awesome Cheesemenbashi. I have not had a chance to really play it yet except for a couple of the tutorials. Do you still have the game? When I get up to par, maybe we can play sometime.
  8. Hello All. I just purchased Scourge of War: Gettysburg and was wondering if anybody else plays this game? Below are links to the website and some youtube videos of the game in action. You can play single or multiplayer. http://www.scourgeofwar.com/index.shtml
  9. http://news.yahoo.com/video/mother-finds-lost-wallet-then-231004415.html
  10. My question for you is what are you going to do with the money now? If you really feel bad about not giving the guy the money, why don't you go and do something positive with it instead? You can donate it to an organization such as red cross or another non profit, buy a gift for a needy child, or anything similar. I personally would not spend the money on myself but spend it to help somebody else.
  11. Hey Mike, I am glad you enjoyed my videos and they helped you find this wonderful community. I should be on to play this week. Hope to have the chance to play with you. Take care.
  12. http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/amish-mafia They are preparing for the Amish Mafia
  13. So you call people "******" when you are mad?
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