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    travelling (ussually going north, Norway, Iceland, maybe Russia or Canada will be next), sometimes i go skydiving, swimming, reading interesting things (anything, sci-fi, a lot of history, science), i liked flightsimulators, i don't think i'm very good at first person shooters (it seems to come down to reflexes and a better system? or that's what i tell myself anyway :-p )
    I was never allowed to join the army, because they say it's something medical ... so i know virtually nothing about real weaponssystems or how things are actually done in real life (i try not to believe what i see on tv ;-) ), and guns and stuff are fairly rare in our parts (the only thing i ever held and fired was a double-barreled hunting gun, oh and i once held a 'colt'-like revolver (9mm) i think it is called).
    Anyway, all that just to say that i'm a total noob, that it is hard to follow the conversations (also a totally new environment for me, when can i speak without interrupting something (which renders me fairly silent and maybe gives the impression that am not all there), etc) or understand the abbreviations, or recognize the different vehicles and equipment ... so, if i appear to be a bit slow, then i'm not ignoring you or anything like that, it just means i'm trying to figure out if i'm in the right position, is my gun on safe, figuring out all the buttons, i'm totally unaware that somebody is saying anything to me.
    I understand that you guys want to play like it's for real, which is great, i think (why else would i join this community?), so, i'll try to be a good soldier and try and keep up in formations and stuff ... just bear with me, only been playing arma for a few weeks (a lot of time fiddling around to get it running, sort of anyway ... i get like 16 frames per second on that first benchmark thing and only 9 on the second one (upgrading to a real PC when arma3 is running ok, so another year before i do that), i am aware that i know nothing and need to learn (feel free to correct me whenever you see me do stupid ignorant shit and i'll try not getting frustrated :-D

    13/04/2012: youtubez (it takes forever to stuff uploaded???)
    Domi on Taki part1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0CoCZIeID0&list=PL92845C4626A44996&index=1&feature=plpp_video
    Domi on Taki part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsOlzsJ42Ng
  1. I see you like introducing yourself :-p Now, get to the Arma3-trainingcenter and restart spreading your wisdom! No slackers allowed here!
  2. Hahaha! Don't see the problem though. But I wouldn't have paid 15 dollars ... :-p
  3. That might have been me, links for nostalgia below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNoUXisq19U&list=PLFDEC22E151E54727&index=7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8amtx7FclsA&index=8&list=PLFDEC22E151E54727 Thanks again for that btw.
  4. I'd say no ... If people are constantly baiting Kevin, or 'teasing' (very fine line until you can use another word) him ... Then don't come crying afterwards because he (over)reacts. Just remember that you pushed him over the brink? Because it was funny? Because it was easy? Because you wanted to see what it would take today to get him to that point? One could start to argue that Kevin isn't even at fault ... and we failed to be mature and respectfull? But, yes, at some point you have to draw the line or atleast wonder how long it can continue to go on. Even if baited (especially when so many warnings have already been given)(sorry Kevin, but learn to not play their game and hold the high ground, you'll always lose otherwise). The previous bans are ... erm ... some seem a bit dubious, but the number of them can hardly be ignored (just or not). Kalohe's experience, I can't ignore either. Action ... reaction ... drama ... Now , I haven't been on the server or on TS in over a year, so I can only read about this (bans, AAR's, etc.). There are obviously still some things that Kevin needs to fix or get a handle on. As far as I know him (not very well), he's rash, doesn't think before he says some things, suffers from tunnelvision when he gets going, overenthousiastic, etc. We all had to grow up, learn and we all do it at a different speed with different backgrounds. A permaban for something that happens in some TS-channel seems excessive ... It's funny to tell Kevin to 'Shut up' once, maybe twice, maybe ... how many times, how many people have said that to him? Most of the time in jest probably, sometimes not. Eventually the fun wears out. (just clicked 'post')
  5. - 'Theirs is the glory: men of Arnhem' (it's 'a bridge too far' but without the hollywoodthings (apparently survivers didn't really like 'a bridge too far'))(also, rewatching a bridge too far 2 months ago, made me smile on numerous occasions ... it felt like watching UO trying to reenact Market-Garden (can't say more without using spoilers :-p ) - 'Reach for the sky', story about Douglas Bader (WW2 pilot) - Passchendaele (WW1) - 'The cruel sea', protecting a convoy during WW2 - 'The enemy below', submarine - 'Shoah', liberation of the camps ... 8h long horror, it is not fun to watch - 'Sink the Bismark' - '9th company', russians in Afghanistan - 'Max Manus, man of war', norwegian (?) resistance - 'Into the white', about 4 pilots (2 germans, 2 brits) who crashlanded in Norway and end up in the same cabin - 'Brestkaya krepost', russian defence against ze zjermans - 'Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb', cold war (more of a critique) - 'Platoon', vietnam - 'Stalingrad' - 'Talvisota', Finnisch winterwar - 'U571', submarine, but nothing beats 'Das Boot' (try to watch the original (6 hours I believe?) version in German) - ... Pobably many more.
  6. I wasn't exactly expecting any historical accuracy, just an actionmovie. But yes, the germans' aim in the movie was so bad it became annoyingly unbelievable. You could say that indeed the germans were pretty much done for, desperate, ill-equiped, malnourished and overrun. Some fanatics remained and they showed the kids fighting, and strung up... Also the speed of the advance (or 'race to Berlin') did cause problems for the allied forces and made them take some risks. Alas, indeed a missed opportunity ... What can you say? Hollywood? A 3.5 hour long epic (to actually explain, show the scale, etc.) might have been too much for the general public? I bet most people won't even know.
  7. Spoilerheavy, but might be interesting? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6k5_QZf_ao
  8. i annoyed everybody at work with this :-D Counting down all day long.
  9. In case somebody has missed it ... (or I have missed the thread) http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/Rosetta KSP for real! ;-) Edit: and ofcourse ... there's a thread in 'general discussion' Forgive me my stupidity, blame it on enthousiasm and too much work :-) Mods can delete this now.
  10. I just want to hear people calling somebody 'hairy bro' ... I know, I know, but I really can't get over that :-p
  11. Another one ... it's such a shame.
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