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  1. I have a dozen mission that I have made, the most popular being the pandemic series. I had a blast with a few guys, when it's 8pm my time and 7am stateside and there are 13 people playing UO is great. But when its 30+ shit gets retarded, power tripping reg's and retarded ass kids. I joined in last nite and spent 30 min in the back of a APC and moved MAYBE 60m... and when i finally ask "what the fuck man, when are we moving?" I get kicked from TS by mark. Which in turn led me to not give a fuck and be done, it was the straw that broke the camels back. I already deal with redundant army bullshit in real life. there is a point where trying to be super tactical realism guy just makes you a micro managing dickhead. Arma AI isnt going to be hitting your ass in a L shaped ambush from the wood line and bounding to contact on you, so stop playing like they are. Arma AI are going to shoot you from 1.5km away from behind a bush that you cant see threw. And then you are going to clear a house and come up to a AI that sees you but cant turn more than 10 degrees in 20 seconds. So give it a rest, people play games to have fun. If you want to see what the army is like and you want to play soldier then stay up for 18 hours and then take your ass to your drive way and sweep for 4 hours. Then take out the trash, and run around the block 5 times.
  2. perm that shit up, have fun with yalls 80s fetish.
  3. fired a assault rifle at a tank, and then threw 2 grenades. get it right, and yes enjoy playing army fags. My vacation is well deserved, you guys suck the living life out of arma.
  4. no no no you should totally play it, DayZ need to purge itself of arma. DayZ people should play DayZ on DayZ, not arma.
  5. Don't forget your safety fire extinguishers, one per side.
  6. From the tone, it seems we will be seeing Arma 3 some time in 2015
  7. Well maybe not a "movie" but it's still pretty damn cool.
  8. Yeah, real life is a bummer lol.
  9. Don't know how many of you are the outdoors kind, but I found this cool forum that I thought I'd share. I joined it last week and it has to be full of the most friendliest and helpful people on the net. There is a guy who teaches bushcraft in real life and has set up a online course that is pretty in depth, you can do it for free at your own pace and at the end you get a certificate. Here is the link to the forum: http://bushcraftusa.com/forum/index.php And the classes: http://bushcraftusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27234
  10. Korupt is a good guy, I would not expect him do intentionally derp around. And I dont think he did.
  11. Yall are some pussies lol
  12. True, True. Well yall got me stoked now, is there going to be an official poll for this soon?
  13. I'd be willing to put together a series of task specific training scenarios for this map. As well as help in the instruction of them. As for regular battle missions, i can see no use for it there.
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