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  1. As a heads up, whoever gives you the link gets 500,000,000. Might wanna ask boon if he plans on giving you a piece of that. And just in case this post gets removed like doyal's, I'm PMing this response of the thread to you. o7
  2. Alright, amend that statement to "Within the community." those three months of not being on the server, do not constitute a lack of activity in general, or a failure to fulfill the PRO Role as evidenced by the UTG Event. Further, Is there a minimum time required on server for a PRO to hold the position? If not, then what bearing does that have regarding Boon's merits as a PRO?
  3. Stupid Poll. Boon actually does things as PRO. Has recently run joint events with another community successfully, and runs a well organized EVE corp in addition to being active within Arma.
  4. I'm not crazy, UO is blind. Was I crazy when my name was green? It's a shame how soon people forget. EDIT: I was also told to edit this because this "Didn't happen when your name was green" I refused. It shouldn't matter.
  5. H3, what do you consider active? They've renounced KC in the last 4 hours. They are currently creating one, refused to tell me the name. The EVE Members are busy transferring assets to the new corp. For someone who was only on KC long enough to steal money on EVE and micspam, you seem to know an awful lot about the activity levels of the community.
  6. Okay, I will say this one more time. In the most explicit terms I can. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT EVE. I am talking about a Community Apart from EVE That Decided due to UO's actions apart from EVE. Not the EVE corp, Not Impact Theory. United Operations, to BAN ME, AND ALL UO MEMBERS, From their community, Because you guys condoned Boon, H3, and Fighters actions. Again, OUTSIDE OF EVE. I've said it so many times now, you should have realised this a long time ago, I'm not talking about EVE. I'm talking about KC. You guys, have basically, become scum to any and all communities that the former members of KC form from this point on. This could've been handled by a talk with boondock and Impulse in the teamspeak, Apart from EVE shit. But he refused because I hurt his pride (apparently?)
  7. As of right now my Community no longer exists, I was expelled from KC, by it's members because I opened the community to UO. They then left the community, (Yes the website is still up,) and formed a new one which I am barred from because I exposed KC to UO. I have settled those in my corp into another one, and will not be joining them for the foreseeable future. You win Boondock. Congrats. GG.
  8. Except, I didn't fuck with Impact theory. They acted on what fighter said, and a misconception on my part because of baited questions H3 was asking. I made NO hostile movements, WOrst case, I would've been over 30 jumps away from them, and the biggest ship I had, was a destroyer. I guess fighter neglected to tell them that, or they didn't care.
  9. Alright then. I suppose to a certain extent UO deserves the leadership it has. Hopefully it's PR officer can refrain from picking apart other communities in the future.
  10. And then What did boon say? Leave us or them? isn't that, by definition, an ultimatum?
  11. He WAS a leader. He moved our hosting, set it up for us, and had control of the servers, was building a website, and had root control of the servers. I trusted him because I had known him from this community, and He was trusted way more than he should have been. and for you to label us a bad community, is stupid. We were new. we didn't have several thousand members. we had 30. We had a small pool of individuals to work with, and fighter volunteered to take on this responsibility. EDIT: Alright, So you guys ATTEMPTED to destroy our community. Also, this went beyond the game verox. And you should be able to realise that. Ah, but wait, you have a vested interest in this. Because your in Impact theory. A director no less unless I'm mistaken. So, tell me, did you put forward to boon that Fighter should stop interacting with my community? and is so, can you give a reason?
  12. My cronies? The fuck? the only person attached to me in this thread was JackOfspades113 quit pulling fiction into this thread. Boon, you said it your self you told him it was a conflict of interest if he Remained a part of KC. What does that mean if it is not a ultimatum? Or even a requirement? EDIT: If you want, I could start pulling people in, but then, you may not stick around to talk to them. Because they might hurt your feelings, and call you a coward or something. (God forbid)
  13. Alright, then what was your reasoning behind Requiring Fighter to stop hosting my servers, to stop administrating my site and etc? Wouldn't it, from a EVE perspective, be a way to spy on us after the fact?
  14. Verox, Quit trying to tie this to EVE. I don't give a rats ass about Eve. And you guys DID apparently from the moment I first approached Boon and asked to be blue to your corp. Regardless, you guys overstepped both your authority and your boundaries when you decided to give fighter an ultimatum to either eject him if he continued hosting my community or interacting with it in any way. Boondock, you KNEW what you were doing when fighter left my community. You had full knowledge of what it would do to my community. My only question at this point is why you decided to come after us outside of EVE in additon. What have I done to you to deserve my entire community destroyed over one action, in one video game, regardless of it's complicated nature or scope? As I said before, This goes beyond only EVE in it's scope and scale.
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