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  1. To land an air unit, have the admin debug option enabled in parameters then execute "this land "LAND";" Zeus has fantastic potential for missions that properly captivate and make people think about their actions rather then "going through the actions" as the current mission based system goes. Once you have played the mission then you just go through the checklist and you complete or you don't. Imagine escorting an AI convoy through to a resupply depot and losing enough trucks to stop the convey, Then it might turn into a defensive postion while you wait for reinforcements or a full blown rout back to base. You might be tasked halway through with an opportunity to claim a valuable asset from the attacking force, or you might even just finish a convey mission with just some contacts. Regardless of what happens as long as the GM has creativity and intelligence for forethought your players will be on their toes ready for the possiblities. Zeus has incredible potential for longterm, engaging and interesting playthroughs, people need to realise the possiblities. It is dungeon and dragons in arma for fucks sakes! TABLETOP DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS! HELL YEA
  2. In-game Name: Izumi Do you want to lead?: ftl/sl. happy to have higher lead positions but pretty chillax as to where i go Q.C.C.: kingslayer being british, apart from that. no concerns
  3. Completely irrelevant to ensuring a good public image. What people inside the community think is not Boondocks concern. I am unable to remember any sort of incident where Boondocks personal interactions has left a positive image on the public. Boondocks actions could remain the same yet if he were to simply be courteous and neutral in his posts this thread would be far less drama filled. But that would mean less drama, conflict of interest!
  4. Your response is exactly why I consider you an arrogant closeminded child. In the long time that I have read UO forums and played on UO servers, never have I seen you act with any form of respect to anyone but yourself. Perhaps the content of my post flew over your head but I did not say either side was right or wrong. I was commenting on the continuing lack of tact from the supposed PRO and the sheer stupidity of having services offered to eve players when the communities very own charter goes against the entire principle of that game. But I am sure you will continue set in your ways instead of doing the job your office requires of you.
  5. Great work from UO's illustrious public relations officer here. Again I will throw up the question, why on earth does a community based around the ideals of comradery and not leaving a man behind (not unlike a certain military simulator played once a blue moon) have services available FOR AN EVE CORP. Just seems like a really silly idea to me. Like a really utterly silly mad idea. We are talking loony bin silly territory
  6. you have no idea Yogu. Gillard is............. there are no words to describe how bad our political system is when someone this.....dumb is a head figure
  7. 100% illegal in australia. if only the rest of the world was as civilized as us.
  8. Why on earth does UO support a boring game that goes against the very nature of its charter? eve online = Drama queens online >.>
  9. Stop saying two things each on one end of the scale. Zzez said it quite correctly, nothing but bureaucracy and butthurt happens in regular threads. For the people that are supposed to represent the CORE of uo players to be shown up in a thread that could have easily been prevented through simply talking about the issue and giving statusred a reasonable discussion as to why (feedback happens in regular threads though!). Like I said in statusreds hilarious ban thread, nothing will be changed, and that makes me sad.
  10. Feedback tends to not happen in regular posts.
  11. that heal/teleport combo too strong.
  12. Going to be blunt. that is probably why the LoL community is better. You will find people are less critical of one anothers skill level which makes is easier to learn so on and so forth. Is far better for new players to learn in an environment where everyone else doesnt criticize them and LoL has some of the best community initiatives I have seen from the tribunal system to even just chat layout improvements that have proven to improve the community for the better. Like fusionpoo has put forth I am happy to flak around in a few matches and teach you the ins and outs of the game synxe. It really is a rewarding experience and one that can be fun provided you have the right mindset.
  13. League of Legends community is by far the best community compared to other mobas out there. Compared to hon/dota communities it is a walk in the park. It is also the simplest and the most fun of the moba pack. Best bet is finding someone who can give you a tour and play a few games then from there it really is just practice practice practice. I do suggest learning through a few bot games as well. Less team rage and such. The bots are easy game but good to learn the ropes on. Usrname is Izumi if yer want some help.
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