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  1. immediately had to think of movie don't get boiler room'ed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvICN8DNMpY when i worked as customer sales rep got my mug recorded by sneaky camera team for a report on dubious sales practices felt like a boss tho don't get boiler room'd tho
  2. Scary as fuck if you go through the number of interpretations inferable from this. Fucking hell. Fucking fucking hell.
  3. Did you come across any russian nuclear submarine (wreck)? Gotta love SCUBA
  4. I really hate taking sides but Slider you do know this is not the only time the last couple of days that you made anti-slavic remarks. Also you know there are witnesses, myself included, to another incident, however I will leave it up to whoever was a witness to confirm what happened Sunday 7th, ca. 7-8PM Zulu time If you have problems with anything or anybody outside this realm then do not bring it into this community. Your attacks are passive-aggressive to the point where you tend to cross the line between humor and crude racist remarks. It is not funny to whoever your remarks are directed at as your ban history might suggest. It is not as much the lack of humor of people like me or others that influence the outcome of your actions. It is much more the lack of confidence of people who take your remarks but do not bother to defend themselves. You take advantage of the fact that you do not actually have to meet your addressees face-to-face. I do not want to act like the dog behind the fence, but there's doubtlessly enough vengeful people out there who would gladly induce a short-run recess to your bodily constiution if you happened to act the way you did last Sunday
  5. First of all, what CPU are you using? And whats your budget? For the cards: MSI's R9 390 has higher power consumption than GTX 970 MSI R9 390: 275W MSI GTX 970: 150W > That's almost the double. Higher power consumption also means your R390 will be louder than the GTX 970, most likely if going high-performance on demanding games like Arma 3 - R390 is triple slot. - MSI GTX 970 is dual slot. > GTX 970 uses less space in your computer so you have more space and better cooling in the end. If you have a mid-tower case take note of the measurements so it is not too big (I bought a new cpu cooler for my mid tower and I had to cut out a piece of the case) R390 is almost same price, better performance but probably louder when highly-stressed. 970GTX is more power efficient so your electricity bill will be significantly lower especially if you game a lot If you don't game too much, then sure choose the r390. its just trade-offs that you need to make when choosing between those cards, but biggest factor should be whether you play a lot or not, since power consumption is the biggest difference between those cards. Why Im asking for your CPU is because it should correlate to the video card you choose. Arma 3 is CPU intensive, so a new graphics card might not cut it if you are trying to improve perforamnce and be just a waste of money. If you want to go full tacticool, do not buy either of the two and wait for nvidia to release new cards between Q2 and Q3 of this year I believe. Prices for the GTX 980 Ti, and all the new skylake processors should drop like a turd and that's really your safest choice in my opinion. Just know if you want it at that point and grab it when the price is good enough. But again. this of course depends on the kind of CPU you are using since you dont want to spend more than its worth it If you are using an older CPU (anything newer than sandy bridge generation? or AMD ), I would recommend you stick to the GTX 970/R390 and just choose your preference. Alternatively, if your CPU is outdated ( Intel sandy bridge generation or whatever AMD chip generation corresponds to it), I would recommend you buy a new chip and video card or build a new rig from scratch.
  6. If you got large sales going on in the top hot spots of the Middle East and you got a splendid image going for yourself, a report of a faulty product is something you want to avoid and weapon manufacturers will do anything to protect that image. On one hand your countries advertise for military service, and then they have arms suppliers who don't give a flying shit about the infantryman's safety, it's more that they care about the bills they can count after they close their sales. We do live in a pretty sick world.
  7. Olli

    3d sound

    Checked it and it's on quadrophony, "environment" sound was put on <none< so changed that to general, maybe this?
  8. Hi anyone else only hear voices and sounds from a 180 degree angle, dependent on where head is turned but nothing beyond it? My situation awareness is bad because of this since audiovisual awareness is restricted to viewing angle so i cannot hear guys or ambience behind me. Btw, im using a headset, something I could change there? Thanks
  9. Olli


    Checked that so far yes. Could it be that acre has something to do with microsoft visual c++ and that it needs to be disabled? Since thats what has been installed last month and that's since when ca. the issue started
  10. Olli


    Ran TS as admin now and still no change I guess I will have to wait
  11. Olli


    Bonjour, while truly unfortunate, ACRE issues still are rather uncommon to me, yet this time it looks like nobody really happens to hear me (you lucky fkers) whenever I use direct chat or radio transmission in-game. This doesn't happen in slotting/briefing screen tho, which is obvious since it has nothing to do with ACRE. Yet I notice, whenever I connect directly to a running mission, ACRE seems to work and people hear me, yet after some time in the mission or when the mission ends and new mission is loaded (hard to tell I dont talk that much), ACRE stops working again. There where similar issues posted here before, but replacing acre plugin in TS folders or alternating TS sessions and arma 3 between run as admin and normal user doesn't help. API versions match, and I get no errors. I start TS after play-with-six and arma 3 is running, still no difference. Now Greetings to you and Thanks for your help in advance. And its been cool playing with you guys again :-)
  12. Now since most of you who use Steam and likely those who are already involved in Arma 3, should know about the new (or not so new) program Steam is pulling off called "Steam Early Access". What Steam intends to do here is bring unfinished games forth to the player for a lower amount of money, for the community to test out and find possible errors in the unfinished game itself (and come up with own input I would believe), until the game then is released. Now this firstly is not wrong at all, since the consumer is warned before purchasing the goods and the price for the game is significantly lowered, the question I want to state here however is, how serious can this program be taken, now that it's more frequently used around Steam? Steam states the purpose of this is to bring a product forth to the player that people will actually enjoy because it would include the input of a broad spectrum of players. But can such game really be a success just because it includes the input of a lot of players? What makes a game a success? To start this off, I would like to examine this question under the most important, the cultural aspect. Video games, just like music, paintings or whatever made by one or a few persons is there for people to observe, listen to and enjoy. What I believe happens with the "Steam Early Access" program is a further degradation of culture. The purpose of creating games becomes something more focused on making profit and grasping the most possibly high percentage of the player community, rather than bringing forth a piece of artwork for a special line of consumers to enjoy. This is also exactly the reason why all of us enjoy Arma 2 and especially ACE/ACRE so much. It has been a product brought from likeminded individuals to the crowd that enjoy exactly the same. It's a type of game of that will be played and even more remembered for a long long time because it captured the hearts of the ones that it was meant for. Same goes for the older games in the series like Operation Flashpoint. The game had a lot of flaws, but still most of us really enjoyed it because it actually was a piece of artwork produced for likeminded individuals. Nobody cares about the flaws the game had anymore. People still play it at times because it is loved for what it is. Things and people are loved for what they are and the flaws they have, not how "perfect" they are. That goes for everything. What "Steam-Early-Access" intends to do is strive for perfection, eliminate all possible errors in the game by having the most possible feedback. But that is not good is it? That's boring. Perfection is boring. Furthermore there is no perfection, but perfection-like states ARE boring. That's why such games will not last long. Games like Call of Duty (and especially the newer series) are games that will be forgotten real quickly, because they are supposed to shallowly capture the mind of the highest possible percentage of players, rather than the deep hearts of passionate individuals. This is the same with mainstream music. Believe it or not but I believe that especially tunes of mainstream music follow datas that analyse the psyche of individuals and what they like the most so the music can be sold to a high percentage of people. These songs however noone remembers, because they are shallow BULLSHIT. These pieces are not art, they do not capture noones heart, they are just there to insert through your ears and exit your a-hole in the same time span water leaves your urinal tract. And to return to "Steam Early Access" boys, this is exactly the same that will happen to the gaming industry. You guys might enjoy the game that was brought together by a broad specturm of players through months or years of feedback, but the game will not be played for long because it will not capture anyone's heart, it will be shallow BULLSHIT made for the highest possible spectrum of players for the highest possible profit. What I want to say is, "Steam-Early-Access" is a program intended to degrade gaming culture to a mainstream Call-of-Duty 360 no-scope fuckfest, with meaningless games which's fame will no longer last for no longer than the day they were released. Video games ARE art. Art is something produced by a single or a smaller amount of individuals for people to enjoy, something that gets input by the majority of the Steam community is NOT art. It's a solely profit-orientated program that degrades gaming culture to a piece of bullshit. The reason we enjoy certain things so much and remember them throughout a longer time is because they hold a deeper form of meaning. A meaning that came from the inner passion of an individual and was meant to be brought to a specturm of other individuals. That's why we enjoy hearing people perform, because they use their own hearts, instead of plain empirical statistics used to capture the mind of the of the highest percentage of organic tissue containers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You see I drew a line here. That is because I want to bring a little order to the nasty emotional chaos I put up there above and to clarify that there is a lot more to say to that, than that "Steam-Early-Access" means a further degradation of gaming culture. "Steam-Early-Access" lowers labour intensity. Now you do not have to pay all the people looking through possible errors in the game, now you have the a whole community looking through the errors without you having to pay them for that. Furthermore you have a lot of dreamers looking at how amazing the game might be, but in the end it is just an unfinished game which will probably never be finished, and if it will, it will be already forgotten.. or a complete fuck-up. There is not much I can do, because after all Steam is not breaking any law, there is just one plea I want to release to you guys: Don't support Early Access. Work against the mainstream, if the games you love are worth it for you. That's my thought process. What do you think?
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