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  1. The contact report we commonly use in UO is Direction, Distance, Description in that order, preceeded by the word "Contact!" if you've not been in contact already or after a lull in contact. The sooner you can give the contact direction, the better for yourself and your teammates. Sometimes you might hear players get stuck on the description because they forget if it's a BTR or a BRDM and it tends to be the longest part of the report. If needed you also throw in additional information helping to locate the target relevant to unique landscape features. A practice I tend to use regarding ammo count reporting is to request hard numbers on magazines and rockets from individual solders on the fireteam level (or if using a small 6-man squad even on squad level), then use color coding higher up. This tends to be more accurate in the end and works even if your FT members don't know the color format, although it's just my personal preference and depends on what balance of accuracy vs brevity I need at the moment. As for reporting equipment, normally nobody cares how many chemlights or smoke grenades you have - the equipment part usually signifies mission-critical equipment such as explosives, breaching equipment like ladders etc., basically stuff you preplanned for use and critical to mission success. The part you wrote/copied on SITREPs says exactly nothing about what should be in them. A rough outline is already present in the RTO Course on our wiki and looks like this: An example of a SITREP could be "1'6 this is 1'1 SITREP, break. 1'1 at grid 123456, holding position, engaging 10-15 troops NW 600m, break. 2 lightly wounded, getting red on ammo, I intend to break contact towards south, request covering fire, over" Here's a link for people interested in the course content http://www.unitedoperations.net/wiki/Radio_Telephone_Operator_Course DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in any way on this topic, but wanted to share my experiences on sending and receiving those reports in ArmA.
  2. I request this man to be slapped on the face for using the 3D medical menu.
  3. From my previous experiences with long running seeder-type missions, I can tell you that the overall experience will greatly rely on having a good commander - one with the mindset focused on the type of gameplay you want to achieve, as well as able to quickly deal with assigning tasks to JIPs and setting and enforcing a working chain of command. This will expecially be vital if the mission is intended to run many hours - get the wrong guy in charge and people will start leaving. This type of mission would also greatly benefit from having someone assigned as Zeus to add another factor of uncertainty and replayability. Both roles will need a good mechanism for picking the right sort of people for the job - most likely you'll need to convince a GM you trust to ensure the gameplay quality.
  4. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt42-attack-and-defend-the-farm-v1-r1205? 343s spawn locally, so whenever someone JIPs everyone on the server gets another 343. Strongly suggest removing ACOGs and other optics because of how the clutter doesn't render fully at distance. Machinegunner has 203 HE rounds for no reason. Engineer demolition blocks are non-ACE, so can be placed accidentally from action menu.
  5. As the leader of Akatsiya 2, I was ordered to take and hold KT 2, together with Akatsiya 0,3 and 4. Since my preslotted gunner fell asleep after the briefing, I decided to command my BMP from the gunner seat and entrust the fate of my dismounts to my senior rifleman. The movement to our objective went quickly and smoothly, and the vehicle surprised me by going around 15 kph up a steep hill. The infantry proceeded to dismount and take the hill, as well as look for targets, fortunately not getting hit by any pre-targeted mortar fire which could have caused high casualties. Shortly after that, my PL SgtDeadly spotted a recon team between TRP 1 and 2 (reference our briefing material here). Despite my efforts, I was unable to locate the target through my optics and the PL took over, quickly dispatching the poor bastards with a bunch of 100mm. At that point I was quite nervous about getting hit by an ATGM overwatching the hills, so I made the call to relocate 200m west and try to get eyes on an enemy Bradley in vicinity of TRP 3. After repositioning some more I spotted both of the enemy AH-6s flying low to my SE. I occasionally engaged them with my 30mm, at some point narrowly missing an opportunity to hit a hovering helo. I was actually surprised by the fact that neither of the helos engaged my vehicle. From the same position I started spotting enemy infantry to my west - a single rifleman between KT 1 and 2 and a Stinger team on top of KT 1, killing the rifleman and one from the Stinger team. In the same area I observed a 5-6 man team including another (or the same) Stinger and a Javelin. A well aimed 2nd 100mm shot at the very peak of KT 1 resulted in the Javelin gunner's guts getting sprayed all over the hill, as well as other possible casualties. From the same position I could engage a Bradley SE of KT 1, previously reported to be in the area by Akatsiya 4. We exchanged ATGM shots while it was repositioning, resulting in said Bradley's TOW going over and almost hitting my PL in the face. Shortly thereafter, the mission ended. Sustains: - good effort to report contacts and guide fire of other elements - quick movement from the assembly area and occupying KT 2 and 3 - quick and accurately placed mortar fire (from what I heard) - my driver, 2ndOfTheBest (more widely known as Best2nd) did a good job getting where I wanted to go and my 2IC exercised good initiative moving the dismounts Improves: - I was hoping for some better positioning of platoon elements to be preplanned - KA-52s got taken out early, partially due to no missle warning system
  6. It's useful to remember that different bandages have different min and max wound reopen delays, if you want you can look those up in the medical/ACE_Medical_Treatments.hpp file.
  7. Uses FAMAS missing from the modpack.
  8. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co16-spectrum-assault-v1malden-r1120? 148 radios are not usable with some weird UI bug popping up, missing volume knob, no display, can't transmit or receive.
  9. Well if I could have the entire week of serious tactical gameplay then sign me up:) We can start by banning people shouting "Allahu Akbar" and other completely random stuff for "immersion". It actually hurts quality more than what I'm saying here.
  10. I like your idea Whiplash, it would be nice to have a day during the week for something a little more serious than the usual gameplay. Still, there have to be people willing to set and enforce such rules, which is not an easy task. Also there might be some confusion as to which missions should actually be chosen and who should be the one making such decision and based on what criteria. Coming on the server with a "I'll play more seriously today" mindset can only acomplish so much, even though it's not a bad start.
  11. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/tvt50-i-got-mud-in-my-boots-v2-r748? Some spectators can spawn under water and keep dying from lack of oxygen. You may also want to give the medic some saline, but that's optional.
  12. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co43-blackhawk-down-v6-r626? Slots not visible in slotting screen.
  13. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co10-iced-pickles-v1-r1144? Since last modpack update, there is an error popping up at the start of the mission about backpacks and vests, causing people to not spawn with any.
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