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  1. This would mean that eventually great people like Zedic would lose their influence in the community. Thankfully people are voting no.
  2. That's the type of stupid yank attitude that makes the world hate America.
  3. Buying guns... I hope it's disabled.
  4. You missed a "u" in favourite Verox. I am disappoint.
  5. If you think David Cameron is a "pretty big man", you're an idiot. Polls show his opinion isn't really valued that much.
  6. One of the greatest members of the community and someone wants to remove him.. Wow. Don't worry Zedic, this won't pass since more people love you than hate you.
  7. To whoever made this poll: You are the worst type of coward I have ever encountered. In case you hadn't noticed I am done with this community, I do not wish to be a part of, or be subject to the system that is in place here. So the only reason why you'd want to ban me is to stop expressing my opinion on the forums which reminds me of the policies of quite a few nasty political regimes in the past. Please do come forward and let everyone know who you are.
  8. Wow, so you're entirely ignoring what I'm saying. Could you sound much more moronic? I doubt it.
  9. So, there's people who have a problem with my conduct in game but they won't even confront me and tell me what the problem is? It truly is pathetic.
  10. So, who are all of these people, and why did no one ever raise this with me? Cowardice? Thank you Sacher.
  11. Again mr2, you clearly haven't been reading what I'm posting or struggle to understand English properly. I do not care about becoming a regular; however that does not necessarily mean that I do not care about this thread. That is why I'm responding. As explained multiple times previously I am just making sure that people are aware of the real picture. beta, how you've come up with this impression of me I will never no. I have only ever seen you on the server and I don't believe I've ever actually seen your character while in game. You must be thinking of someone else or you're totally delusional.
  12. Search Script #11 In this tutorial I show how you can make a simple search script. The example used is searching through a table of products.
  13. Well, if he's going to do it properly he should do it properly. However, if that's out of the question at least consider my point about the processor.
  14. This shows your total lack of understanding mr2. Again thinking that this is a tantrum and having the attitude of why would people not want to be like you. Please, get it into your head that I do not wish to become a regular. I was totally prepared for criticism, what I disliked was the silence of the vast majority of the no voters and then the realisation of how the system truly works. Which made me come to the conclusion that I do not want to be a part of this and how the system really works needs to be let known to the community. That's all there is to it. J.B.'s stupid sounding comment at the end of one of his posts references only what happened post my decision to no longer want to be a regular; in which I declared I no longer cared about what you lot thought of me and I stated some facts that not a lot of you like to hear and that's why he believes "I'm not a good character". It honestly makes me laugh. Of course I've dug my self a hole Thawk, and you know I don't care. That's why, I genuinely want people to vote no so that's part of the reason. Thank you for acknowledging that the regulars are to blame for "starting the fire" as you put it. I'd also like to say that I do also appreciate what I've seen from you in other threads, where you've stated that it's now insanely hard to become a regular and what is wanted simply isn't clear. You're one of the good guys.
  15. Firstly, if there's a problem with those missions they should be removed; do not moan at me for coming up with concepts that are not the norm. The problem with Bloody Sunday is that people are incapable of roleplaying, which is fair enough I have stated multiple times that I would not be offended if it was removed. I fail to see why it's even an issue. Chechens Again, I haven't seen it played since 1.0 (after which I made a lot of changes) and I haven't seen an AAR thread or had any PMs concerning subsequent versions, I find it bizarre that you expect all missions to be perfectly balanced in the first why and if you have played subsequent versions I'd question why you failed to bring it to the attention of the mission maker then feel it's appropriate to moan about it.. The Show Must Go On, I agree is a bizarre ORBAT but it is intended to fill the void of under 20 player missions that we have, which were specifically requested. I had received no complaints about the overall mission concept and made several updates in response to some recommendations from players. And the counter attack does have armoured support, which you'd know had you played the mission or bothered paying attention. The guide was always intended to be simply a dictionary, when did I ever claim it was meant to cover everything? If you're so critical why don't you make an improved version which encompasses everything you think it should? No, eh? And as said I've been constantly working to improve it, but it doesn't matter because it all counts for nothing anyway. Your last point about screwing around is absolute unfounded bollocks, which is not backed up. Have some proof before you make allegations please, it makes you look pathetic. Cheers Jones.
  16. Again Inkompetent, you're coming up with the same stuff we've already acknowledged I don't think you're actually reading what I'm posting.. As discussed before Brent, having been in the army played a large part with you.
  17. Are you building it to be used a gaming computer or what? If so.. That case, don't buy it; it's not that big, so there's not much room for expansion. Furthermore it comes with a power supply... which is not a good thing in my books. The power supply is one of the most important components in a system and is often overlooked, ones that come with cases are usually piss poor quality. Invest in a decent power supply, corsair do good PSUs. Are you going to overclock your processor? If not, do not buy the 3570K, K variants are designed for overclocking and in general cost more if you're not going to overclock; do not buy it. And why only a DVD drive? No blu ray eh? Finally, that graphics card is not that good; you may want to think about upgrading it.
  18. Again Inkompetent, why are you telling us this? This is what needs to be properly explained to the entirety of the community because at the moment the entire process is based on a fallacy. You seem to not be able to understand this and a lot of the attitude from the regulars shows how seriously out of touch they are with the player base.
  19. JB, that has got nothing to do with judging of character. That is what makes your post sound totally moronic. The poll was failing yes, and it proves our point precisely. That is has nothing to do with contributions, that's all we're exposing here along with the line that a lot of the disingenuous regulars toe about it being about contributions etc..
  20. Again, good attempt at trolling. It's incredibly obvious by the way.
  21. Nice attempt at trolling Herbiie. Well Lunchyyy, contribution means nowt, as shown and yep of course I'll keep in touch with you, I have a lot of friends here at UO but I don't want to be subject to what I deem is a totally fallacy of a system. It's what I always said it was going to be Haribo. A list of what abbreviations and phrases mean. Not why we use them etc.. I never ever planned for it to be that. So if people want to do that they should make their own thread explaining it. What a stupid thing to moan about.. And no, I never believed that one thread on the forums should mean that someone should become a regular. But, before I was under the impression that showing your overally contributions and commitment to the server meant something; but it doesn't.
  22. What that's meant to mean I will never know. Congratulations on being here longer than me and trolling and being argumentative throughout that time. Again, congratulations I'm sure you feel very proud.
  23. Haribo.. In case you hadn't realised already.. I couldn't care less all I am doing is explaining how I, and many others believe the system to work and do not want other people to fall into the trap of thinking that they would get anywhere without being all chummy with a load of regulars and that you can succeed just by contributing. Because that isn't the case.
  24. So, you're sort of acknowledging that they're bullshit reasons for voting no? Brilliant. 1. In your opinion, care to state examples; you're currently claiming that everyone single one of my missions are sub-par. 2. My "guides"? Which guides are these? The only guide which comes to mind is the jargon explained which I'd love for you to explain how it's incorrect and damaging. There's currently a new version pending to be updated so any examples you have to mind are probably totally redundant, also it is a list that has been contributed towards by many, many members of the community I wouldn't even say I come up with 50% of the explanations that are currently on there. Stop talking bullshit. 3. Examples? Explanations? 4. Examples? Explanations? Try giving some bloody evidence to back up your ridiculous claims beta, you're literally talking crap and it goes someway to show your incapacity to properly perform your duties as a regular. You've made a decision with not alot to back it up. Thank you for the no vote however. Darkside, whether you think it or not you did go some way to become chumming on a personal level with the regulars, which I did not. I have a perfectly "strong head", that's exactly why I'm not afraid to state my opinion of how ridiculous, I and a lot of other people believe this system is. So, according to you I did exactly what being a regular is about? What you stated being a regular about is actually irrelevant, you can do all of that without being a regular. In fact you probably do more for the community if you're not a regular as you're not part of the system. No Kirby, I genuinely do not want to be a regular. The fact that a lot of you find that so hard to believe makes me laugh and brings out the sub conscious attitude a lot of the regulars have that you genuinely believe you're better than everyone else and cannot understand why someone would not want to be you. It truly does make me laugh. So most of this is related, post I said I don't want to be a regular. Which I keep having to explain to a lot of you for some reason.. Synxe, rather than sitting there spouting off bullshit would you like to explain these incidents where you've pointed out a gear script error, told me about it and then I've told you it's fixed when it hasn't been? Frankly, that's a lie. The only thing I remember you asking me is to change from one type of sniper to another, because you preferred it :S. That shows to me that you're only concerned with improving a slot on a mission that you take 80% of the time.. Totally crazy. If there were any genuine issues then why wasn't the mission removed? And why did it keep getting played even though you were clearly on the server and should have told the admin that there was a problem with a mission? Oh yeah, because it's bullshit. About disregard for everyone, again bullshit please provide some examples or at least try making up a story.. it might be slightly more credible. PS, please vote no. Cheers Brent, but I'd prefer it if you voted no. So Godhand, you're agreeing, in order to be a regular you need to be friends with regulars; so commitment, hard work and dedication means nothing; as proved by this thread before I decided that I no longer wanted to be a regular. So go tell the rest of the regulars to stop creating the illusion that it's all about how much you care and contribute. Because it's simply not true. Thank you Aqua! Thank you for respecting my wishes.
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