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  1. This would mean that eventually great people like Zedic would lose their influence in the community. Thankfully people are voting no.
  2. That's the type of stupid yank attitude that makes the world hate America.
  3. Buying guns... I hope it's disabled.
  4. You missed a "u" in favourite Verox. I am disappoint.
  5. If you think David Cameron is a "pretty big man", you're an idiot. Polls show his opinion isn't really valued that much.
  6. One of the greatest members of the community and someone wants to remove him.. Wow. Don't worry Zedic, this won't pass since more people love you than hate you.
  7. To whoever made this poll: You are the worst type of coward I have ever encountered. In case you hadn't noticed I am done with this community, I do not wish to be a part of, or be subject to the system that is in place here. So the only reason why you'd want to ban me is to stop expressing my opinion on the forums which reminds me of the policies of quite a few nasty political regimes in the past. Please do come forward and let everyone know who you are.
  8. Wow, so you're entirely ignoring what I'm saying. Could you sound much more moronic? I doubt it.
  9. So, there's people who have a problem with my conduct in game but they won't even confront me and tell me what the problem is? It truly is pathetic.
  10. So, who are all of these people, and why did no one ever raise this with me? Cowardice? Thank you Sacher.
  11. Again mr2, you clearly haven't been reading what I'm posting or struggle to understand English properly. I do not care about becoming a regular; however that does not necessarily mean that I do not care about this thread. That is why I'm responding. As explained multiple times previously I am just making sure that people are aware of the real picture. beta, how you've come up with this impression of me I will never no. I have only ever seen you on the server and I don't believe I've ever actually seen your character while in game. You must be thinking of someone else or you're totally delusional.
  12. Search Script #11 In this tutorial I show how you can make a simple search script. The example used is searching through a table of products.
  13. Well, if he's going to do it properly he should do it properly. However, if that's out of the question at least consider my point about the processor.
  14. This shows your total lack of understanding mr2. Again thinking that this is a tantrum and having the attitude of why would people not want to be like you. Please, get it into your head that I do not wish to become a regular. I was totally prepared for criticism, what I disliked was the silence of the vast majority of the no voters and then the realisation of how the system truly works. Which made me come to the conclusion that I do not want to be a part of this and how the system really works needs to be let known to the community. That's all there is to it. J.B.'s stupid sounding comment at the end of one of his posts references only what happened post my decision to no longer want to be a regular; in which I declared I no longer cared about what you lot thought of me and I stated some facts that not a lot of you like to hear and that's why he believes "I'm not a good character". It honestly makes me laugh. Of course I've dug my self a hole Thawk, and you know I don't care. That's why, I genuinely want people to vote no so that's part of the reason. Thank you for acknowledging that the regulars are to blame for "starting the fire" as you put it. I'd also like to say that I do also appreciate what I've seen from you in other threads, where you've stated that it's now insanely hard to become a regular and what is wanted simply isn't clear. You're one of the good guys.
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