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  1. Foxy

    UOAF - BMS 367 - 1900z

    In for any flight Will do some AAR training to refresh my skills
  2. Foxy

    UOAF - BMS 366 - 1900z

    On the right side of the Calendar click "I'M ATTENDING" BLITZ SITUATION Bardufoss Air Station has been badly damaged. Our squadron has diverted to Evenes. There are now only 3 operational NATO airbases, while Russia has twelve. Strike back to even the playing field before it is too late. Destroy 5 major airbases in one Hail Mary operation. GAMEPLAN Two OCA packages, Crimson and Tiger. Crimson strikes airbases in the north, while Tiger strikes airbases to the south on the Finnish coast. Primary Targets: ROSE BOWL, SUGAR BOWL, FIESTA BOWL, ORANGE BOWL, COTTON BOWL Abort Targets: LIBERTY BOWL, ALAMO BOWL, SUN BOWL Method of Attack: +25k high speed loft 2xJDAMs per runway segment. Tasking (in take off order) 17:23:30 BANSHEE1 (4xStrike Eagle) strikes Kiruna (LIBERTY BOWL) , clearing the way for our operation. Tiger Package BULLDOG1 ESCORT/ lead Tiger package south to the Baltic Sea. Until you reach the Baltic, MANEUVER TO AVOID ENEMY AIRCRAFT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT PICK FIGHTS WITH ENEMY STRIKE PACKAGES. THAT IS NOT YOUR MISSION. WILDCAT1 SEAD enemy air defenses on the Finnish coast. TIGER7 OCA STRIKE ORANGE BOWL & COTTON BOWL. Abort Target: LIBERTY BOWL. Crimson Package GATOR1 SEAD/ESCORT to the east toward ROSE BOWL. CRIMSON1 OCA STRIKE ROSE BOWL & SUGAR BOWL or audible to FIESTA BOWL depending on threats. Abort Target: ALAMO BOWL/SUN BOWL. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: numerous SA-10, SA-17, SA-6, AAA. Reference map. AIR THREATS: FLANKER, FULCRUM, FULLBACK RESTRICTIONS HARD DECK 14000' MSL EAST OF FLOT COMMS Report WIN or LOSE at your Bowl Game BULLDOG1-1 host datalink UHF 15 - 308.775 Evenes TWR UHF 17 - 359.300 CRIMSON PACKAGE UHF 18 - 324.500 TIGER PACKAGE TAKEOFF/RECOVERY F-16AM's are heavily loaded, takeoff 16R Landing 16R overhead break (right) 300kt 2200' MSL Alternate Airfield: ANDENES 48NM N 028X UHF 369.25 WEATHER Overcast 050 at takeoff Scattered 050 during ingress Overcast 050 at the target areas Visual meteorological conditions http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/29332-uoaf-bms-session-366-saturday-2019-1-5-1900z
  3. Foxy

    UOAF - BMS 365 - 1900z

    In for any flight
  4. Foxy

    UOAF - BMS 364 - 1900z

    In for any flights
  5. Foxy

    UOAF - BMS 364 - 1900z

    On the right side of the Calendar click "I'M ATTENDING" SCRAMBLE SITUATION LISTEN UP, at 11:45 Russian aircraft attacked Winheim Army Base, destroying many of the Apache and Blackhawk helicopters stationed there. Winheim is 18nm south of our airbase. While our IAD in this area is still intact, strike package was able to penetrate the airspace through the mountainous areas to the southeast. Time now is 12:15, a massive follow-on strike is headed our way and will likely use the same ingress route. Intercept them! GAMEPLAN Three flights of F-16's will run intercepts, one flight will stay reserve CAP over the airbase. Tasking (in take off order) COWBOY2 stay North of the FJORD FALCON2 stay South of the FJORD GYPSY1 cover our Northern flank, friendly units on the road (21st Armored) COBRA1 reserve CAP at the base, catch any leakers Max performance takeoffs. Full burn to 20k and press to intercept. Keep the enemy as far away from the base as possible. Reserve flight conserve fuel. Drag bandits to marked air defense positions, but we must not allow leakers to get through the mountains and utilize standoff weapons. Get low and use the mountains to defend if you have to. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: SA-10 active FLOT to SE AIR THREATS: Multiple gorilla groups from the E/SE 30+ air contacts with vectors close to our base Strikers: BLINDER, FULLBACK, FITTER, FROGFOOT Escorts: FULCRUM, FLANKER COMMS UHF 15 - BARDUFOSS TWR UHF 17 - PACKAGE WEATHER Overcast at takeoff but we are just on the edge of clear WX to the east. VFR conditions. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/29329-uoaf-bms-session-364-saturday-2018-12-21-1900z/
  6. out ! will be in Brittany to visit my family Have fun guys
  7. crazy warbirdguy we need to add this one about him
  8. will probably have to switch to out. We've changed clocks last week in France and it's probably gonna be too early so if I'm not here at the beginning of the brief don't wait for me
  9. wow dude I have a huge library so ... I will start mostly with biography FALKLANDS Sea Harrier over the Falklands by commander "Sharkey" Ward RAFHarrier ground attack Falklands by SL Jerry Pook IRAK Iraqi Mirages in combat - The story of the F.1 EQ in Iraq by Miguel Garcia AFGHANISTAN Apache by Ed Macy Hellfire by Ed Macy Red platoon by Clinton Romesha (CMH) WWII (ETO) The Big Show: The Greatest Pilot's Story of World War II by Pierre Clostermann (Top scoring WWII Free French ace) Spitfire Ace: My Life As a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot by Gordon Olive To fly and to fight by Col. Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson Zemke's Wolf pack as told to Roger A. Freeman GABBY a fighter pilot's life by Francis Gabreski An ace of the eighth: An American Fighter Pilot's Air War in Europe by Norman "Bud" Fortier Thunderbolt!: An Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace by Robert S. Johnson The Lost Squadron: A Fleet of Warplanes Locked in Ice for Fifty Years by David Hayes (crazy and really interesting story) God is my co-pilot by Robert L. Scott Stuka Pilot by Hans Ulrich Rudel The first and the last by Adolph Galland Messerschmitts Over Sicily: A Luftwaffe Ace Fighting the Allies and Goering by Johannes Steinhoff I Flew For The Fuhrer: The Memoirs of a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot by Heinz Knocke Luftwaffe Eagle: From the Me 109 to the Me 262 by Walter Schuck The War Diary of Hauptmann Helmut Lipfert: Jg 52 on the Russian Front 1943-1945 by Helmut Lipfert WWII (PTO) Samurai!: The Autobiography of Japan’s World War Two Flying Ace by Saburo Sakai Baa, Baa, Black Sheep by Gregory Boyington And many more .... Will probably update this when I'll have some time
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