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    Alcohol, purges and sarcasm
  1. Although I haven't played in ages (will be starting again) it was that guy Toadball who told me about this place years ago. I seem to remember he told me when we were playing airsoft - it was probably to fill the time as he tried to fix his forever broken LMG's
  2. Herbiie's PC is the benchmark for the world.
  3. ARMA 2 is played all the time but there is a focus to play ARMA 3 on a Friday night. Due to the time of year numbers are lower on the servers so when A3 is played the A2 server can be empty.
  4. PMC seems fun but I think over all a Corporation would work out better. Still have the chance down the line to form an official PMC if needs be.
  5. Hello Mutki, I have done about 30minutes of work and spent the rest of the day on gifbin. Oh, had a poop earlier as well, very productive so far. Going great.
  6. I have heard good things about Aver Media capture cards.
  7. Wait...two sniper rifles!!! OOOFFT!
  8. def

    WoW Guild

    Kassa nope. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2723298389#4
  9. def

    WoW Guild

    I do miss vanilla wow pvp, rank 14 taur war yo! I am quite bored right now and even though I think they took the game the wrong way (I always prefered pvp) I might play, but is the server East coast based? Last I mess about on US east cost I was getting 130-150 ping so it was playable.
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