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  1. i reinstalled my teamspeak it worked for about 3 seconds but disconnected me from the teamspeak server, now im getting a failed to connect message everytime i try to join
  2. Hey guys im having a problem with my acre on teamspeak, when im in game i can still hear everyones voice in global and my acre says im not connected to arma on teamspeak, im running everything as admin as well
  3. fixed the problem it was a problem with permisions for the folder
  4. hey so every time i try to download the arma 3 primary server mods using play with six i get this error, im running as admin as well
  5. Applied username is DonnytheDealer
  6. Name: A-dumb-H Are you a Regular? No Do you want to be a Mission Leader? No Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? No Have you downloaded the mod pack? Yes
  7. Can someone tell me what time it is in australia ive tried timezone converters but there not working Thanks
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