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  1. In the US military units (Department of Defense) can not be used for domestic situations without a declaration of an emergency (Hurricane Sandy is a current example.) Also in most of North America the ownership of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns is legal and fairly common. The police are armed on the same level as the citizenry has access to.
  2. They never had to worry about those trenches collapsing under shelling
  3. Is it wrong when I saw the title my mind went straight to a fully choked 12 gauge shotgun aka turkey gun.
  4. Every time I've seen him deal with new people he teaches them the ropes quickly and calmly. He takes leading seriously both when he slots it and when someone just needs to step up in game. If I could vote it would be yes.
  5. Herbie what ship were those guns/ shells from?
  6. @ Contrials and NotoriousBEN: Why has "reality" TV replaced all the beautiful infotainment. Discovery, History, and TLC have betrayed us all.
  7. I stumbled across this last night and tried it today. Two programs used together to act the same as track Ir or free track. http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/information_links/download.htm http://www.seeingmachines.com/product/faceapi/ On default it is hypersensitive so don't just grab it and jump on the primary.
  8. Ingame Name: Doc Watson Preferred Slot: copilot/ crew chief Willing to Lead: Y If Yes, at what level: FT/Squad Willing To Fly: Y Is Yes, at what level: Either Comments: guy starts putting night vision goggles into his bag. " You don't need that." Guy puts goggles down and picks up a jug of water. " Don't need that either. We won't be out there long enough."
  9. Baby boomers have been running America basically my whole lifetime, and the only concern I've noticed any of them had regardless of party was reelection. Since the days of Clinton( The first baby boom president) reform and bipartisanship have been the words and not deeds. I will probably spend my life fixing/ seeing others fix problems created by people my father's age ( my father is a good responsible and open minded man) while at the same time taking care of them because they couldn't take care of social security.
  10. I love the music fallout uses.
  11. Love my 30-40 krag. the shortest serving rifle in US history. Bolt is fast. Has a unique integral side loading magazine. They were used in Cuba and the Philapines Campaigns before being replaced by the M1903.
  12. Status I get what your saying. I struggled with wording that and I still failed. Americans don't worry about showing our flag and cheering loud, because we figure anyone else can do it if they want. It really doesn't bother us if they do, and I agree Canadians were much more outward in showing national pride at the Vancouver games than I had ever seen before.
  13. Americans don't worry about offending any one. Our mindset is people can choose how they want to act. So we figure Canadians and Europeans choose to have a indifferent attitude about showing national pride. We also have three holidays every summer that are in some way about being proud to be Americans( Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day), so we have a lot of practice waving flags and cheering.
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