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  1. Unless you have a several hundred euro headset and ears of a bat, you're literally wasting money that could be better used for an NVME drive, etc.
  2. Why are you so adamant at getting a sound card when you won't be gaining that much and you'll the throwing a chunk cash for it.
  3. Unless you're planning on some heavy duty stuff or DCS or just have money, 16Gb will suffice. I'm running 32Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 sticks and am very happy. I agree with Scope about the sound card. You're down right wasting money unless you're doing professional work with it.
  4. I know exactly the reasons (not the ones stated) for previous bans. I also have not conducted myself how you describe it. On that note: how would you react if you fellow Regular called another player an "imbecile" and "retard" for walking up to his squad leader's body to pick up the radio when situation was concluded safe? I find that no different, if not worse than what you claim I've done. Not to mention presence of at least 2 other Regulars that did not react.
  5. How was I bullying anyone? Yes, my tone wasn't appropriate due to my own frustration at myself and I apologize, however, all I wanted to know at that moment was how Kail and his buddy didn't see as far as we thought they could.
  6. To make things CLEAR again, just like in most other ban threads: I have not sought to blame anyone. I was most annoyed at myself first for dying quickly while I had an AT asset which was now lost, that was the reason for my tone. Actual situation: the 2 man OP (Kail and someone) suddenly reported enemy 50m away from them, while rest of the team had at least 300 meter sight lines, so I kept asking how they missed them (no answer came out, hence more frustration, as I couldn't figure it out myself). The guy that was with me (daltra something) wasn't overly responsive when I tried directing him at the now-attacking enemy which was about 100m from us (he had a UGL and I couldn't fire my HE rounds at the enemy), no reply from him. Here, I proceeded to run away and die. Again, story details are twisted in someone's favour, but so be it. I tried communicating with certain people that demanded it, yet received no reply, so acted accordingly. I am not too worried about this ban. Only thing I'll miss is some people from UOAF, but that's fine.
  7. I can hear Max' groaning after watching those interior shots. Hopefully one day we get realistic and current vehicles in that fidelity.
  8. That's great, but your statement doesn't make much sense. UOTC sets the standard, you acknowledge it, but still post your own stuff? Every time someone asks for help in a certain area, replies most often use materials from the Wiki or the Wiki reference itself. I just don't see a purpose of restating something that's been around for years and available to everyone in a structured and easily understood way, and via a "in person" course.
  9. nomad, many if not all of things above have been already on the wiki. UOTC has set a standard for UO and it's best to follow that.
  10. Had a really good time overall, despite minor technical issues. Will be posting my videos. One note: on Siegfried Line and Chef du Pont, Bazookas must have been different. In former, I was able to range it, but on latter, not. Latter also looked worse and was clipping inside my head when I turned.
  11. Oh damn! Can I be your RIO? I'll take Hollywood, or Iceman if you don't.
  12. Did you copy the plugin like it tells you and then run the game? Sounds like a registry issue.
  13. Slider

    UOAF - BMS #324 - 1900z

    In Fury1, can do lead. Tentative, not home yet.
  14. There's definitely guys in UOAF with all that, I'm sure they'll jump in. I'd help, but work and other things are keeping me busy.
  15. From BLUFOR Mortar SL: Overall it went as good as it could considering I only had 1 other guy (thank you Starfox) in Mission 3 and myself in Mission 4. Mission 1: we moved to a different fire position than planned, which placed us in a better relative to other elements to deliver faster rounds. Engaged ridge line with an ATGM team, then fired 2 linear smoke missions, but from comms, it sounds like they were called too early and friendlies advanced without concealment, we were out of smoke at that point. Enemy mortars were far enough to not be a concern aside from one round when we exposed ourselves on the ridge. We displaced, but got Armad by a rock and Humvee flew 100ft in the air and blew up. Mission 2: I was sole element on far West flank. Engaged enemy observer 2km North with WP and HE, then some time later, spotter units 500m NW of my in the closest town, dropped what WP/HE I had in my backpack and went to resupply, on return, I heard vehicles close, called Red 4 to try to talk him on, but sounded like he didn't have LOS on them, yet they were engaging. I retreated to town, shot some WP/HE at my own position and around the ridge until AGS that was shooting everything got me.
  16. It's Belsimtek developing it and based on their previous modules, I'm hoping for good stuff.
  17. Interesting. Any thoughts on implementing helicopters?
  18. No, not really s4d. There were/are a lot of other factors.
  19. So...I get assigned someone and you just ask to take him? Is he your friend or something?
  20. I'll have to change too, something came up and won't be able to return in time.
  21. Slider

    UOAF - BMS #322 - 1900z

    In, Hornet. Can do lead if needed. Out
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