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  1. CO86 Larche Chaos V1
  2. I will remember to correct the briefing
  3. Okay. So something specific to 2 SL I will check it out. Thanks for clarification
  4. Did you have casualties where they were in ACE Revive state, before the death of 2 squad SL ??
  5. I will fix the Crew Chiefs Loadout. I don't know why it crashed the server, and more specifically when 2nd SL died, sorry for the troubles. I can see you took a completely different route than I expected, I will need to make it more difficult on the different routes.
  6. CO35 Firefly Troubles V2
  7. Anyone know the variables required to setup a ACE Medical Facility ?? I can find ace_medical_uselocation_pak = 0; But I cannot find anything else.
  8. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co17-qrf-inbound-v6-r327? Spectator is broken. You keep getting injured and dying while in spectator.
  9. CO31 OSS Costal Drive V3
  10. Hey Spitfire. Both the revive and the mortar crates not being loadable, is intentional. I have fixed the gear problem for the mortar crew.
  11. Will check. It might be due to the checking done.
  12. CO18 OSS OP Defence V3
  13. CO47 OSS Goisse Assault V3
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