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  1. Yea I showed up yesterday on the server all in the mood for TvT-Tuesday and then someone mentioned it was monday and I was like "oh yea, it actually is monday" Nevertheless we played some tvt's and it was good
  2. I am sure that the return of Coinops would seed the server for months to come.
  3. signed up somewhere yesterday, dont see my name yet on zeh list =p
  4. I had the same problem. What fixed it for me was putting putting the patch file 1.05->1.12 in the ARMA3 folder and run it as administrator with the -incurrentfolder parameter
  5. Till what time do you expect to be playing tomorrow? 1900Z - ???? Or the sessions in general?
  6. RPK aim down the sight didn't work for me + few others. Not sure if this is a mission bug or modpack bug.
  7. Do you download the mods with playwithsix from a webhost owned by UO? If this is the case it might be worthwhile to make our own UO launcher ... I know some other communities have their own launcher and those work a lot better than PWS.
  8. Bob

    GTA 5 Thread

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