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  1. No one can max this damn game out, and I have the 7970 so I wouldnt worry
  2. This made me bang my face on my keyboard for about 5 days straight. While seeing this in a picture may not look annoying, I feel your pain, this actually made me hate playing arma, just makes everything look atrocious. I still love my AMD card, every other games looks stunning including arma 3 but they clearly dislike arma 2
  3. I have 70mb and to be honest, I'd not pay more for faster, I dont even use 70mb let alone 2gb maybe in a few years when file sizes get huge...
  4. Thoughts go out to all effected, fucking horrible, the world we live in... I heard marathon runners continued past the finish line to the local hospital where they started giving blood to those caught in the blast that may need it, humanity can be good when united together. There were many ethnicity's running this race, its more an attack of the world than just america, hopefully the person(s) that did this will be brought down and get what they deserve.
  5. New affluent workers This class group is sociable, has lots of cultural interests and is in the middle of all the class groups in terms of wealth. According to the Great British Class Survey results, lots of people in this group: Are young Come from a working class background Own their own home Surprisingly close, though I never have any term of wealth because of tax.
  6. I agree with this, he has done nothing wrong in my opinion and his support of our community such as letting us use some of his mods and keeping us updating on them such as the thread on our forums letting us know the HUD was released, telling players about our community as a different alternative to those that can't get into shacktac. I dont see the need for him to be removed considering the service he has given to the community. be that UO or the whole of arma.
  7. Was going to post this, haha, we succeeded where Americans and Canadians failed, rule Britannia!
  8. Why, oh why didn't I think of that, thats basically what I meant in far fewer words.
  9. So, "just watching" was probably not the best of phrasing, since everything is so literal. All I mean is if you aren't observing your surroundings then what are you actually doing? We all play this game for fun right and we all play at this particular community for a more "fuller tactical experience" therefore if half the time I played my eyes were spent doing something other than actually playing the game whether it be observing, shooting or anything else that could possibly happen in a game of arma that could be detrimental to my virtual health then why am I even wasting mine and others time playing. Instead of turning this into pages and pages of trying to explain my choice of words while watching the new Spartacus which is consuming most of my attention, I will just summarize my point to start with. I see why some dislike it, though I personally like it and taking it out isn't going to help the situation and if anything it will hinder it even more so.
  10. Okay, there are other various things people can be doing I understand this. Yet, the only one thing you'd be doing this while looking at your screen with arma up BUT not actually scanning nor paying attention to your surroundings would be the HUD. Other explanations include, texting, looking at 2nd monitor, writing, reading, drawing, painting or whatever, yet whatever that answer is, your full attention isn't on the game, so why is it even worth playing if your not going to give the game your attention? If you do give me other example which people could be doing while walking yet looking at their screen though not looking around and it is logical (im sure there are others that I may have skipped over) then I will agree with the point, though I just cannot think of any other worthwhile things.
  11. Squad leads, sticks member on the far right of the line, warns of expected contact to our right hand side, player on right hand side fails to notice the contact, resulting in other squads further down order of march to become engaged. Plus its fairly obvious when you see someones head not on a swivel and them "serpentining" moving via the A and D keys instead of moving there mouse to desired location. I do agree herbiie and that was the point I was trying to make.
  12. I do understand the reasoning behind some of the players that are against the STHUD. I have even witnessed players just watching the HUD for formation rather than looking about for contact whilst keeping formation, though that is laziness of the player not the HUD. I don't think its the STHUDs fault at all and is something that if were gone, I think there'd be a major decrease in standards of play before (if) any good came of it. I think there is a bigger picture about the standard of play than just finding flaws in things that are nothing to do with the actual player(s). The HUD was obviously developed from shacktac, do they have a problem with this? From the videos I've seen, I say no. Dslyecxi, can answer this too if he wants but I pretty sure it wouldn't be a part of their community if it made standards of gameplay worse. I get the difference between the 2 communities but there is no reason that the HUD cannot do good for this community as it so clearly has for shacktac.
  13. So we are leaving 3rd person on the server if STHUD doesn't get put in right? Since all situational awareness and peripheral vision will be thrown out the window.
  14. Thats nice mongo! Simple yet effective. Can I cut that down to 10 seconds and use that? I know you said its free to use just wanted to make sure I could edit it timescale wise, will ofcourse mention you in the credits if I do use it.
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