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  1. I did update to the new amd driver didnt do anything. I looked in the Discussions section on steam and it happens to lots of people, apparently its caused by a memory leak
  2. Did any of the patches fix the lag for any of u guys having trouble ?? i still get a lot of FPS drops
  3. Same here, mostly when driving. Hope they fix it soon
  4. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/ajarmang Added all of u
  5. Its finally available for pre order!!
  6. Hey guys! I was just wondering what you thought about this mod. I personally like the climbimg, but not so sure about the jumping. Its still WIP btw
  7. Name: Noyse Are you a Regular? N Do you want to be a Mission Leader? N Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? N Have you downloaded the mod pack? Y
  8. Are you willing to be in a leadership role: no What roles are you adeptly proficient: Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier What roles are non proficient: Pilot, Medic, Driver, Tank Crew, Arty
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