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  1. 10/10 sticky this. Edit: Also, yes. I'm still alive.
  2. I remember circa 2014 or so when Force and I were have a very very lengthy discussion on TS about him weighing options on even commissioning. Something a long the likes of 14N (Intel officer), CSO (Combat Systems Officer), ABM (Air Battle Manager) and RPA (what I do). After much discussion and deliberation, I'm extremely proud of him making none of those as a primary choice. I even threatened that if he became an ABM that I would never talk to him again. Needless to say, Force busted his ass. His natural tendency to be a social hermit helped him, I'm sure. Many of nights texting between him, Hellhound and I trying to push him to the F-35. But we know where his heart was. A Weapons System without OBOGS. Cheers to Force, I feel like a father watching his kid walk across the High School Diploma stage. Now he can finally blow shit up for real, and I might be able to buddy laze a GBU-12 for him in the future.
  3. UOAF, I've been gone for quite a while, seemingly without update. My last flight with you guys was January I believe. I feel like I owe it to the community to give somewhat of a explanation as to where I am and where things are going and how much I'll be around. Really, the only people that know what I'm doing in any detail is probably Hellhound and Force, Krause may have an idea. To be short, I've been gone doing things with my Military occupation. For those keeping up with current events, it should be no surprise that things have been busy. That's really no secret to anyone in UOAF that knows me. Since last year I have been going to a series of schools and courses, deployment preps (that never really ever happened) as well as working on projects that has been dedicating a lot of time from not only my personal life but my professional life. Something of the likes of 120+ days so far traveling and staying in random hotels literally from coast to coast. I've also been a partner in a company for about 3 years dealing with drone inspections as their Chief Technology Officer. To say the least, I have almost zero free time to dedicate to personal hobbies. Whatever free time I do get, is mostly spent rebuilding my parents house that got flooded during Hurricane Harvey. I don't have an ETIC on a true and fashionable return, but it will happen. The holidays are approaching and I will hopefully be getting some downtime to plug in and fly with you guys. I have had a couple of people approach me on skype, discord and/or whatever else I happen to be on randomly. I would like to extend thank you for those who have shared their concerns and keeping up. If you need to get a hold of me, message me here and we can talk. I think the only thing I need to really say is that I've been a member of UO since 2011, I do miss the community. But the steadfast leadership and growth I have seen from the side lines over the last year has made me very proud. Seeing Officers running the show and seeing UOAF grow into something much bigger than what I initially was brought into with Krause and Force is incredibly awesome to say the least. Cheers, -Fluffer
  4. You're right, in retrospect after seeing the B system being shot we should have gone for the alt gear handle. When Force said it was down and locked from external inspection and my indications showing down and locked, i assumed it would have held up. And in fact it would in real life considering the landing gear is released hydraulically but uses wind resistance and gravity to actually lock (I used to work on them). Just goes to note, that the sim doesn't 100% mimic the real jet.
  5. For being the best fucking flight lead ever, dude literally, not figuratively saved my life in this flight. After a CCIP attack, 4x SA-9's were launched at us. I was in a close trail about 2 miles from Force when we began the attack on column of T-62's. Force defeated both missiles, while I was only able to dodge one. Post impact, my only concern was the fly the plane away from the enemy position on a heading that would take me close to the friendly FLOT. I knew that was south east of my current position and about a heading of 150-170. Once able to maintain aircraft control and steering away from said enemy position I started with extending glide. I manually activated the EPU and began trying to get comms on uniform as VHF was obviously out. Once comms came back and giving a posit report with intentions. Force directed me to do an air restart, considering that I wasn't windmilling to begin with. I didn't bother with a air restart earlier as not having 20% RPM wouldn't have been successful. As a last ditch effort I tried a JFS 2 restart and started to see RPM increase. After moving the throttle over the detent, the engine came back with about 80% thrust. I got VHF radios back and limited avionics, Force then joined my wing and vectored us back home after handing the package off to Krause. After about a 10-15 minute flight, we decided the correct recovery course of action would have been a High Key approach to allow me to fly a configured landing approach. After confirming visually that my gear was down, we attempted an extended final approach but decided to go missed due to airspeed parameters, once we went missed attempt after the base turn, I decided to go around. We made closed traffic after I didn't trust my airspeed instruments and had Force give me additional airspeed call outs. Once we set up on final, extended our approach by 3 miles to give time for the airspeed to settle. Over the threshold, we were a little fast at about 180kias. After getting TO/LDG configuration warnings and cautions I decided to stick the landing. Upon touch down, the gear collapse and sent the plane airborne again. I elected to try and maneuver the aircraft off the north side of the runway to not impede other planes recovering soon and ejected. This is by far the most text book recovery I have ever accomplished in BMS. I'd personally like to attempt to resurrect Robin Olds so he could give Force a Distinguished Flying Cross for being a badass mother fucker. Criteria: The Distinguished Flying Cross was authorized by Section 12 of the Air Corps Act enacted by the United States Congress on July 2, 1926,[5] as amended by Executive Order 7786 on January 8, 1938.[3] This act provided for award “to any person, while serving in any capacity with the Air Corps of the Army of the United States, including the National Guard and the Organized Reserves, or with the United States Navy, since the 6th day of April 1917, has distinguished, or who, after the approval of this Act, distinguishes himself, or herself by heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distinguished_Flying_Cross
  6. Surprising day off, may be in. Will fly with Force in whatever.
  7. Who is playing it, and why aren't playing it together?
  8. Not to be totally ambiguous but 12:42 if you guys were curious about what Hellhound is referring to.
  9. All those drunk Fluffer and Hellhound nights paying off aye? Ha
  10. My experience on my T-38 ride doing BFM was that I was literally fighting to keep consciousness. 4G's was easy, but it was the 7G pulls that were sustained for more than 20 seconds that were really the most taxing for me. Then when we were doing Defensive 3k BFM, turning your head back and trying to maintain visual of the wingman in the turn was incredibly eye opening to the physiological aspect of flying. I don't recall getting to the point where I was going to pass out, but had we kept going I would have struggled for sure. On another note, when we were in the patter on downwind. The pilot did his base turn without telling me, which was like a 4-5g turn. I almost blacked the fuck out from that. 10/10 would do 350kts in the pattern in a T-38 again.
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