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  1. I can took the role on the infantry man. Depends on the time/date of course.
  2. Deus Ex Human Revolution for 1.79 euros. What more can you wish for?
  3. I would like to join you, but I don't have any DLC.
  4. Loved the game. Just be aware that in the beginning the will be a lot of quick time events. They are showing every type of QTE that are in the game, it's basically a huge tutorial.
  5. Yay, for always on DRM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUl_Cj2_KWU
  6. It is Russian. Video called: Bigfoot found in Leningrad Oblast
  7. I wonder how badly it will effect your eyes. Sitting for many hours infront of the monirot is bad enough. But this will probably destroy your eyesight.
  8. Cant make it. Have problems with Six uptader and UOMods. I tryed to delete the hole folder and redounload it again, but still wont let me join the server.
  9. Name: Valtasar Preferred Slot:Platoon Medic, Grenadier, AR, Rifleman, MG Gunner/Assist, AT Specialist/Assist, Scout, Engineer. Are you intrested in a leadership role: no Will inform mission organizer of non attendence: yes
  10. Do you want to be the company commander of a multinational force? N Do you want to lead a platoon? N Do you want to lead a squad? N Do you want to be a radio man? N Special skills: I speak Russian.
  11. NAME: Valtasar Courses done: Famil course, Land nav, basic rotary wing Interested in Leadership: No If yes what level:0
  12. Valtasar - Medic or Sharpshooteror if Medic is not availble
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