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  1. Greetings, I'm going to put a bet most of you don't know me. That's a good thing. Other's have been here and remember me from a time long past. All I'm going to say is self-awareness over time is a good thing, and it's not really the same person coming back (thankfully) But I am back. Currently, I'm at the Virginia Military Institute for studying history, and on a commission track for the Marine Corps. I probably won't be the most active member since I literally live in a barracks, but I'm on quite enough. In the meantime, I've been playing Squad with some of you guys, and I'm trying to get my mods to work for the server. Look forward to seeing you all out there. -Chapple
  2. First met you on MSO when you were a cannoneer and had no one else on, so you just went on a patrol with us
  3. Week 2: "Somebody screwed up the server, now all known terrorist organizations in the world are in Ovallestan. Outstanding."
  4. easily the funniest day on Arma, anywhere.
  5. Ah, somebody mentioned you did. Guess I was wrong then.
  6. I wouldn't say very active, he has been more involved with ROTC and college then he has been with anything. Don't take it as me trying to defend him, I am just there, and putting a clarification on the situation. /ending random appearance by Chapple
  7. Sorry, was numpad typo. "20+", I haven't seen an ArmA server yet to run 70+ @kalohe. Yes, starting now.
  8. God I waited for the day UO would add JSRS. Only got responded with the standard, "Chapple, you 13 year old, stop being so retarded and ask somebody to poll it. Your stupidity is hilarious." Always knew that it wasn't a problem. Some places I know run both ACEX_SM and JSRS. Having it as optional was a wise choice. Where I currently play, we run 70+ players on MSO with headless client. With my new rig, it runs ok already. But some people running lower end say their's is fine as well. Needless to say, JSRS isn't really a problem on numbers. I catch about an average of 60 FPS on the MSO server, all with ambient animals, traffic, civilians, and enemies. Good thing you guys added it, should be fun on the server. *Ending random appearance on forums*
  9. I will say it's been a while since I played. However I can remember this individual very well and major disruption by him has been in many, many more than 2 missions. I have played with him as his squad leader and platoon sergeant and remember that basically, he never responds. He doesn't talk, doesn't follow orders and never pays attention. At one point I stood there screaming at him for 5 minutes and not once did he look at me or reply. After that mission, I was pulled aside by Foxxy who said that Griz had come crying to him saying I had "disrespect and abused" him. At another time he was a mortar crewman and in the beginning of the mission started loading random shells and firing them at different angles. He was questioned later by me, his platoon sergeant, and immediately after I told him to get the fuck off the mortar, he immediately shot an HE round right into the pit, destroying the other mortar and it's resources. When I reported to the current admin, he said he would take care of it and never saw it happen. Later that day, I get pulled aside saying that I may be banned for destroying a mortar pit, killing a friendly, "Disrespecting and abusing" him again, and "distracting" him. This guy is a bullshitter and one of the biggest disruptors I have ever played with, anywhere, any game.
  10. Was my crash dummy in my impromptu explosives course. Always have fun around him. He is the community's jack-of-all=trades. Yes.
  11. I knew, oh how I knew that this thread would come up. I can guarantee enemies will probably be made after this....
  12. I HAVE TESTED IT! I only did it in singleplayer, where it already had some missions built in, but that's not what were all looking at. First, it has new weapon variants. AK74M Dual Magazines, AK74M folded stock, a few RPG variants and a whole ton of other stuff. There's more BMD variants, BMP variants, it has the T80 (optics now fixed in 0.1.6) as well as some skin texture fixes, changes, and additions. It's on SU at the very bottom of the mod list.
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