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  1. Indeed, it's really sad to see UO vaporate. I had a lot of fun playing here for several years (starting with the incredible MSO Clafghan event) and was hoping UO might recover somehow. Well, I will keep the memories at least. They are good memories. Really good memories.
  2. V1: The medic is not designated as ACE medic and can't use his surgical kit and the saline he's been issued.
  3. Although beeing a bit late as well, I will provide a quick AAR from my side: Mission 1: I was the PLT medic for 2 (white) platoon under command of Max and his PSG JakCurse. As Jak already stated we ran around, set up some CCPs that weren't used even when they got requested before. We cleared our first objective, got picked up again by our Chinook and inserted again not far from the final objective. We moved in position on a small hill just outside the objective and waited for stuff to happen when we suddenly started the attack. When the attack started I set up a CCP under the tower of a power line, kept my head down and listened to the fight. At some point Max called me to move in as well (because he was injured and about to loose consciousness as I learned later). So I got up to leave my CCP and immediately saw a guy with a rocket launcher just next to my CCP. Because I had no idea how the assault went, I initially thought he had to be friendly (the lighting was too bad to notice his uniform and he had his back to me), but then he suddenly pulled out a rocket launcher and aimed for our gunship overhead. That made me realize he's not friendly at all, so I pulled my gun out and fired away Sadly a moment too late, because he manged to shoot down our gunship before he died. That made me think that the assault might not be going well, so I assumed a very careful posture instead of just running where I was ordered to. I crept forward, still around my CCP position, and tried to assess the situation. Suddenly another guy ran past me and in the twilight, worsened by the shadows that the burning helicopter wreckage was casting, I recognized his camo pattern as russian and shot him as well. By this time I managed to get about 10 meters forward from my CCP position and suddenly get shot dead in the back... It turned out an enemy moved into my CCP behind me... Back in spectator mode I realize that Max is unconscious just outside the objective and the assault is still going on, but some of the bad guys managed to get between the assault force and my CCP. Although excited from the tense action around my CCP I was also disapointed that I could not bring Max back to live, because it's the greatest thing you can do as a medic and I had the right equippment with me to do that. Mission 2: I was with Max again, him beeing the BLUEFOR company CO this time, while I was his tank gunner. Militant completed our crew beeing the driver. Just a few moments after we stepped off, we saw one of our tanks getting blown up by an enemy ATGM. Max was pretty angry about that, but it was to be supposed the only Abrams we saw getting wrecked. We traveled behind our leading elements, Militant and myself doing berm drills on every hold, while Max was busy on the radios. The final attack went exactly as depicted by Militant above. Mission 3: This time I was on REDFOR beeing the driver of Blues BMP that caused so much havoc. Initially we went into a standby position on our far right flank at the coastline, behind a small hill together with our 2nd BMP. When BLUEFOR started their attack on the town we crept up from time to time to get some shots out, but also recieved a hit that caused some minor damage to our hull. We kept a low profile then and Blue and Sacher from the 2nd BMP tried to come up with a plan what to do next. We maneuvered a bit and I think Sachers BMP got destroyed at some point, so we returned to our previous hiding spot. From there we managed to sneak up on two Abrams from behind, that just rolled past us and murdered both of them from a position just a couple of meters behind them. They never knew what hit them. It was a tense, but rewarding moment. From then on we could freely roam around the AO. From a position south of the town we could engage the enemy from behind, including Militants Bradley which we lit up. All in all we killed at least 14 enemies according to gametracker. I had some great fun and really enjoyed the event as I had no clue there was such a drama behind the scenes. Yes, some of the briefings were indeed way over the point for our purposes, but I like that and really enjoyed them. They sure got me in the right mood for the event! The only thing I disliked were people who signed up, got slotted and then didn't show up for the actual event. I generally have no problem with full preset roosters, but I guess it is not feasible if people don't show up as promised. 10/10 would do again
  4. Alright if that's the problem then I will have to find a way around this. I'll probably just use a different PC for the authing. But it would really be nice if there would be some kind of warning. And yeah, I know about IE and internet standards, so it's totally understandable if you don't want to do extra work for a poorly made browser. Edit: ... Warning is there now, alright
  5. I'm also stuck there. Clicking on cancel does nothing. Can it be a browser-specific problem? Or do people with different browsers have this? I'm using IE here ... yes, I know... but I have reasons for this
  6. That was indeed the best TVT I've seen in ArmA 3 so far! I was in 1st Squad and we provided SBF together with Weapons Squad from the ridge. It was awesome to see the effect of suppressing fire on an enemy force that is made up of human players and not AI. I depleted more than 15 STANAGs with my M16 during the SBF and my barrel got so hot that my weapon jammed. That was the first time I had a weapon jamming in ArmA, so I had to figure out how to fix it in the midst of the fight since no one around me knew how to do that (It's CTRL + F btw.). We recieved a decent degree of returning bullets from the enemy which caused some injuries but it was less then expected thanks to the supressing fire. The enemy GL fire was pretty daunting though and killed our 2nd FT entirely. When we conducted our assault on the town from the ridge after 2nd and 3rd Squad failed with their initial assault we were pretty lucky, I guess, since there was almost no enemy fire coming at us while we crossed the open ground. Might also be result of the supressing fires though I don't know if there was still any SBF going on at that time. When we reached the town we got hit by multiple grenades which injured us badly. We ran out of bandages so some of us, including me, kept bleeding and the squad got a bit scattered. The result was a fierce CQC. I died fairly early in the CQC when I was running back around a building were we where before and ran into an enemy fighter which appeared from a bush behind us. We emptied our magazines at each other at less than 5 meters distance since we both where kinda suprised but mine was empty first and he killed me. It was fun too spectate the few remaining minutes and watch how Gusy and then Kazu dealt with some enemy fighters hiding in a backyard.
  7. I'm flying and loving this machine since it's beta release! And a dynamic campaign is even more awesome. I hope I will be able to participate.
  8. Name: QuiGon Are you a Regular? N Do you want to be a Mission Leader? N Do you want to be a Squad/Leader? N Have you downloaded the mod pack? Y
  9. Name: QuiGon Positions: squad or platoon level Medic / AT / Grenadier / FTL if necessary Staff: No.
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