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  1. Easiest no that ive ever given. Even easier than Static's second regular app. And that was a crash and burn. This one is just glorious. Edit: Voting no YES on the basis that the user has created a decent troll thread. Not the best, but definitely takes a little cajones to do something like this.
  2. Integrity is one of the biggest issues here. In this case after you lied and covered up, not only at first, but persistently. It says something about character. I do not know you personally but just based off of reading this, I think that the punishment matches the crime and doesn't need to be lifted. Especially after accusing Krause of tampering with the logs (which is downright stupid, what are you? 12?). I may not hold Krause in the highest regards on my list of people here, but wildly accusing one of the more hardworking Regulars and Officers here of doing such things is unacceptable, with or without an apology. Your ban will be up shortly and I feel as if you are lucky to have a 3 month compared to a 6 or perma after your actions.
  3. Voting yes on this one. User has the desire and the means, he deserves a chance.
  4. Yes but the upside is there is no middleman, publisher or any outside group to pay off of affect development. All of that money is for the team. ALSO bear in mind, IF they wish to secure a loan, being able to say something like 'HEY we raised $2,000,000 within 30 days will be very convincing. Also, bear in mind, it has been ONE day, ONE day and he has raised over $150,000.
  5. Only 2 million? How many crowd funded games have asked for that?
  6. Dude, its the future. They can easily put some storyline behind how communications have improved to the point where there is no delay. And I think he is getting to a Battlestar Galactica type radio system, with the signal loss, crackles and pops. Sounds awesome on BSG.
  7. Look up Roberts career before. He has done it before.
  9. Didnt want to have to be the 'rule quoter' here but since common sense does not appeal to you, I will post the rules made by the very officers here. TeamSpeak Only regulars are allowed to create and delete their own channels. All other channels will be deleted. All regulars may move non-regulars. Misbehaving regulars may be temporarily banned/kicked by other regulars for up to 15 minutes when an officer is not present or able to assist. Officers have ultimate power to create, delete and edit permanent channels, to issue permanent bans and to revoke or modify other regulars TeamSpeak powers. The game channels are to be free of casual chatter while games are running. Non-game private channels have no rules to govern the behavior of regulars. Rules on "Flavor icons": a "flavor icon" is defined as a TeamSpeak icon which is assigned for means of personal expression. Up to one "flavor icon" may be assigned to regulars, upon request of an officer. Flavor icons are available to all regulars and no specific requirements may exist for receiving them. UO groups of regulars playing other games other than Armed Assault may also identify themselves with an icon for purposes of organization and identification; these icons are not considered "flavor icons" and may not exceed 1 icon at any time. Both flavor icons and group icons may not grant special powers in excess of the charter and are merely cosmetic and organizational aids. Unnecessary speaking, noise and distractions while a mission is being slotted in and/or while a briefing is taking place is prohibited. Recording in the game channels(Primary, ALT, any test or other official UO server) on TS is forbidden when not IN-GAME or recording gameplay or training. As per June 13th, 2011 all officers are TeamSpeak administrators. As per August 4th, 2011 game Moderators must have at least 100 hours logged on the server to qualify for and to remain in appointment. No copyrighted materials may be uploaded to the TeamSpeak File Browser system. In-game name and Teamspeak name must be similar enough to be immediately identifiable as the same user. Regulars may have only one non-nested Teamspeak Channel of their own within the Barracks subgroup, an additional private personal sub channel may therein be created. So where this 'disruption' clause you have come up with, I have no idea.
  10. Disruption? First of all, disruption of what? And by what? I said 6 words then left not meant to troll, be a retard or anything. By that logicr, anybody coming into a channel and speaking is subject to an hour ban for 'disruption'. Jesus Krause you need to cool down dude, it's teamspeak. Not the Arlington Cemetary. God forbid somebody enters the Castle of Krause and utters words.
  11. So I get banned for an hour for joining your channel, posting a link saying '1080p this bitch and watch it' then leaving? I never knew I wasnt allowed to join your channel. And I DEFINITELY didnt know saying something for less than 8 seconds, was a 1 hour bannable offense?
  12. Users original appeal post Personally, I think he is more than remorseful. It definitely helps that he gave it a shot to run his own community and now he understands what it is like to be on the other end of the spectrum. I don't think it would hurt to unban him at this point.
  13. Before I knew what the breathalizer straw was actually for, a USMC Poolee told me it was the 'Drip Test' where they stick it in your ass and make you run up and down a flight of stairs and if anything drips out, youre disqualified. The worst part, since there was about 150 other people there who didnt laugh and all looked at me as if it was completely true, I believed it. Jesus I never sweated so much in my life.
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