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  1. from my own experience, arcade shooters like COD, BF3 have no effect on a normal individual (even a teen, unless hes brain dead), because they have nothing realistic in them, and they look completely ridiculous on every level, but games like DCS, ARMA ace(especially in TVT), project reality, does make you more ready to kill a person. theres a point sort of like an epiphany, where you find out how frighteningly realistic the things you do in these games are, after you watched a documentary, movie, or watched a video on liveleak or youtube, you can find your self in a situation where the images youre seeing and the game you played are very similar, you can even compare the rants of the soldiers to your own or your buddies rants while you were in game, you can compare the cheers and jeers when a huge bomb gets dropped on an enemy position, what the pilots are saying in the attack helicopter. In PR and DCS, you can even learn how to operate a gun or an aircraft with good efficiency, of course compared to someone who has never played the game, used a gun or flown an aircraft. Now for very small children, games like COD and BF3 can have a very strong effect, even games like street fighter can have a strong effect, even a game like ratchet and clank can make them very violent (ratchet and clank being extremely hard to complete at a young age), and usually children that do not speak english are more violent that native speakers, which is down to the fact that at a young age you dont understand anything, and you get killed in the game a lot, so it makes you angry and then you have to vent the anger on something. There are a lot of different reasons why games with killing in them can have a impact on young children, and i believe its more to do with the child's surroundings than the game its self, parents are more to blame for their childs behavior than it playing a game that involves pew-pew. One needs to see if the mother and father are abusive, and it doesnt need to be big, but needs to be constant, something anyone would find extremely aggravating after (even a adult). I could write a lot more, provide examples, and what not, but im a lazy bum so ill stop here.
  2. in bohemias defense, the Greek government is run by the biggest assholes on this planet (for the most part), who seem the think because greece was (in aincient times) was grandiose, civilized and all that stuff, the rest of the world should awe them till the end of time, and cannot accept the fact that Greece has become irrelevant on the political stage, and cant be compared to ancient Greece, so they do stupid crap and veto who ever they can in order to make them selves look more relevant. /rant
  3. yeah the military should totally care about that... you can see area 51 from google earth that doesnt mean you can just go there and start taking pictures
  4. i agree with Thawk and Herbiie (cant believe im agreeing with Herbiie), perm is too much. and people seriously need to grow some thicker skin
  5. someone has never watched the subsistence parody videos
  6. why do i see modernized BMD-2s in the video, but theres no mention of them on the armaholic page
  7. Server: EU Faction: NC (have more railz)
  8. its a good game, for what it is, esspecially since it is the only game of its type that exists, something thats between fast FPS and milsim, but it has more negative things about it then positive, sort of like ARMA2 ACE (because arma2 without ace is not even worth looking at)
  9. wait wait i had one just for this "Don't bother with Herbiee he's a troll, or if he's not then I truly feel sorry for him because I didn't know people were that thick." followed with a "He's one of those people who says stuff like this simply because he's safe behind a computer screen"
  10. i guess i should now retort by insulting you as well hm? yeah thats the way to do it, call people idiots, and hope they get run over by a vehicle. Technology has made it harder for nature to eliminate me as much as its made it for every single human in existence. Do you honestly think that you would be here today if it were not for technology, remember modern technology isnt only in modern appliances, but medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, and then there is the way our current culture is run which more in the area of modern sociology. I find it funny how you say something negative about modern technology, and then say "Guess all we can hope for is you step into traffic" kind of ironic. when did i ever write that this was ok, i dont think its alright at all, and those kids should be punished, yada yada yada, force their parents to pay for some kind of damages, expel the from the school. What i was referring to was the people who went all sappy eyes, and set out to help out for this by giving money, and then seeing the things happening today which are much worse, and not giving 200k+ for that. oh go ahead id say. in the grand scheme of things nothing can be done i guess, not until those in power start helping. im just skeptical about everything. Someone could make this into a scam and it would be pretty easy too, you wouldnt lose anything if nothing happened and you would gain a whole lot from the "charity", by people donating to what they would think is a just cause. also your insult, really mature and tactful there upchuk.
  11. isnt that UE3 nah, soon it will all change SOOOOON or at least i hope, but yeah conviction is pretty terrible, on top of being one of the worst ports ive ever played, game runs crap no matter what, and this looks even worse you had a choice in double agent wether you shoot lambert or not, and then in conviction HERP DERP YOU PEW PEWD HIM *sigh*
  12. thats going to happen only if someone mentions something about game consoles or how good BF3 is while his working on the rotor anyways congrats, wish my country had an airforce *sigh*
  13. COMMUNISM I SAY COMMUNISM!!!! or socialism, socialism might be better anywho not giving 2 shits, seriously acting as some kind of knight of justice for something that happened to a random granny (pointed to the people that gave money to this), and nothing physical actually, its just that she got offended by it, IMHO grow some thicker skin. hell as you said paavo, things that are so much worse happen everyday to people around the globe, to children especially, and we dont give a shit about that (not really), or are not aware that it actually happens. this reminds me of that hamburger helper thing from bioware, boo hoo give this random woman money for apparent mental scaring, because some random people over the internet called her fat. to me its the most effective internet scam ever.
  14. still waiting for proper Russian hardware
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