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  1. Would love to play more arma, with lots of people! Especially TvTs!
  2. I would participate too, to get the hang on the new drills, if time permits. Blue offered a LandNav course sometime ago but didn't respond to my request again. Maybe we can beaf that up a little and sneak some basics in there too
  3. Why? Shift-caps is already bound to radio #1 by acre default. And when using radio, isnt it already also always together with radio? At least i always hear my sl talking direct when using radio.
  4. I think i found a nice solution: i just unbind the "current radio" assignment (CAPS by default). This way i can have caps for direct speech (which i use most commonly anyway and want it to be easily hittable). For the radio i use the already assigned Shift-Caps binding - most of the time i only have one radio. Shoud the issue arise that i have two or three radios (RTO?) then i can access them with the other combinations (alt+caps / ctrl+caps). Only with 4 or more radios i will get into problems, which will probably never happen anyway. I will try this a while and see how this works.
  5. Thank you, that was helpful. I noticed, that the Basic Player Guide is not linked from the Getting Started Guide, but it is reffered to as a follow up reading. i think it would be beneficial if an editor could add the link to the Getting started guide.
  6. That would be great! maybe we can also train some standard operations for the ordinary soldier with that?
  7. Hi there, i could also use a refresher on the basic courses. Is there already a new schedule possible, or is the training map still lacking?
  8. I hope it is okay to ask here because in TS no one responded in the help channel... How can i distinguish my ACRE setup to be able to properly select "radio" or "direct speech only" mode? Sorry for asking such a dumb question but i'm really unsure how to setup this in the correct way, or if this is already handled automatically in a way i don't know. - Currently i have "CAPS LOCK" bound in TS to push-to-talk. - ACRE binds this to Radio Transmission. - Obviously i have no way to talk without the radio now. Is the right solution thus to rebind my TS key to something different, and what do you advice the TS push-to-talk button should be with a default keybind?
  9. Hi there, i just returned from a longer absence and played my first session yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but i feel that i'm not up-to-date anymore on the procedures. I immediately tought of the Field Handbook i have initially written long ago and which was maintained from the community after i donated it. Is it still valid? i found a version here (V2.0 from 10/2015): https://de.scribd.com/document/332692404/UOTC-Basic-Training-Field-Handbook Are there other sources where i can read up on current procedures?
  10. Mission renamed to COTVT85_DefendTheBase_a2_V31.Takistan.pbo
  11. Mission renamed. For the slot ccount: please refer to the chernatus-entry of this mission. It is playable and winnable with only one human guy provided that friendly AI is enabled on the server.
  12. Hello, i will fix the naming; i was not aware of case sensitiveness (as linux servers are not happy with uppercase-pbos). And yes, its fully beatable if you play it with alone, i did it many times. If you dont slot the attack co, a ai script will take over and commands. The mission is designed around (optinal) AI usage (hence cotvt which "count as tvt" in the missions list and i was not able to select cotvt). Subject to the condition that AI is not disabled, the human player count does not influence the winnability of the mission. The mission also provides many parameters to influence its gameplay (make it easier for small player counts or inexperienced etc). One good example for low player count is, to leave "high command" activated so COs can command via high-command. It can also be played (and won) if slots are reduced to just a few (tvt without ai support) but well, that of course like in any mission depends on the players slotting fair on both sides.
  13. Hello, there was an issue with the ftp upload that corrupted the files. I reuploaded them with corrected file name and made sure the files are not again corrupt. They reside under final/ at SRV3 now.
  14. Hello, there was an issue with the ftp upload that corrupted the files. I reuploaded them with corrected file name and made sure the files are not again corrupt. They reside under final/ at SRV3 now.
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