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  1. Hi guys, I am surprised by the fact that you are no longer able to donate to the community and by extension become a regular. I would like another chance at regularship to help improve the community and drive it forward. Help me out here I wanna pay.
  2. CO29 - Echo Eight Eight v1
  3. CO10 - Tochka Hunt v1
  4. KmO


    You're getting far too worked up over someone copypasting your mission concept from 6 years ago, dude.
  5. KmO

    Headless AI Module

    If possible, make a method that would have the ai spawn with the equipment assigned in editor. Unless I'm missing something this can't be done. I like to use the ace arsenal in the editor to create my loadouts so itd be great if it was possible to do this
  6. COTVT57 - Red Tide v1
  7. KmO

    Headless AI Module

    1. How would I do probability based spawning of ai groups? 2. How would I do trigger activated waypoints for ai?
  8. CO38 - Bridge Not Far HC v2
  9. hey dude can you hook me up with your employer? wouldnt mind doing some shilling, yaknowwhatimsayin?
  10. COTVT20 - No Maps Required v2
  11. CO13 - Kicking UXOs v2
  12. CO06 - Countdown v1
  13. I'd like to mention that all of Toadball's mods combined weigh in at around 290MB.
  14. CO10 - Hatred For Maps v3
  15. Wished they had to since it would force them to update high command. its woefully obsolete but its the only way of doing it that i know.
  16. A shame. If i knew how to mod SS13 I'd help :/
  17. Honk also, are there plans to implement a functioning AI? I really like playing that role
  18. H O N K O O N N K K count me in and you know who i am playing as
  19. Is disabling babel for TVTs and disabling ACRE terrain interference in general improve acre performance? Does anyone know of any methods to stop ACRE shitting itself in large playercount missions?
  20. For future mission making reference, what are some do's and don'ts for large playercount IF missions that have been found out in this event?
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