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  1. CO29 - Echo Eight Eight v1
  2. CO10 - Tochka Hunt v1
  3. KmO


    You're getting far too worked up over someone copypasting your mission concept from 6 years ago, dude.
  4. KmO

    Headless AI Module

    If possible, make a method that would have the ai spawn with the equipment assigned in editor. Unless I'm missing something this can't be done. I like to use the ace arsenal in the editor to create my loadouts so itd be great if it was possible to do this
  5. COTVT57 - Red Tide v1
  6. KmO

    Headless AI Module

    1. How would I do probability based spawning of ai groups? 2. How would I do trigger activated waypoints for ai?
  7. CO38 - Bridge Not Far HC v2
  8. hey dude can you hook me up with your employer? wouldnt mind doing some shilling, yaknowwhatimsayin?
  9. COTVT20 - No Maps Required v2
  10. CO13 - Kicking UXOs v2
  11. CO06 - Countdown v1
  12. I'd like to mention that all of Toadball's mods combined weigh in at around 290MB.
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