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  1. A friendly acquaintance of mine linked this news article to me today. Basically, a team at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has created a prototype prosthetic leg that reads nerve signals in the limb it's attached to and mimics the function of a real leg. You can bend your knee and adjust ankle angle just as you would with a flesh and blood limb. Once they add more functionality, work out the kinks, and ruggedize it, this could revolutionize prosthetic technology. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2013/09/25/bionic-man-amputee-controls-artificial-leg-with-thoughts/
  2. Are they eventually going to have multiplayer for this? It looks pretty cool, but it'd be a lot more fun to play with friends.
  3. Sounds like they got counterbattery'ed and were mad.
  4. The A-10s in Krause's Broken Arrow video were incredibly effective at containing that massive PACT breakthrough. Of course, I'm pretty sure they all got shot down by a pair of Mig-29s's at the end of the video, but they did a lot of the heavy lifting in killing most of a PACT tank brigade. Seems like they're situational, but incredibly potent when you use them right.
  5. Holy shit, Krause. That's completely insane. Also, those A-10s sure like to fly low, don't they? I thought that first one was going to auger in.
  6. The A-10 is that bad? Damn, that's disappointing.
  7. The future? Nanomachines, Son. Lol at the idea that American pop culture won't spread the infection worldwide. Admit it Kassa, in 500 years your people will go to Starbucks brothels and consider fart jokes the height of entertainment. Just like the rest of the world.
  8. UOAF flies a lot of Korean War Mk.2 campaigns, so I figured this would be of interest to them. I thought it might provide some insight on how the DPRK might conduct the initial phase of a renewed ground war, and that that our BMS folks in particular would be interested in seeing it. If this was a totally inappropriate spot, I apologize.
  9. Oh Best Korea, you so hilarious. Highlights: Instant destruction of all US and South Korean defenses Complete annihilation of the US Pacific Fleet Pacification of South Korea by day 3 of the war. Ladies and gents, I present to you... 3-Day War! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzpMhNXKt4E&
  10. I lost legion on my first playthrough. Then I said "NOPE", loaded an earlier save, and lost nobody on my second attempt.
  11. What definition of FNG are you using here? Complete newcomers to BMS, or folks who've played through a campaign and are familiar with basic tasks like shooting AMRAAMs and dropping bombs? I'm reading through the Dash-1 before I try anything with the sim. The stuff you can do with the up front controller is amazing. The cruise page and its sub-modes alone are incredibly useful.
  12. This is episode 4 of an 18 part series on Soviet Fighters. It has a great overview on the evolution of Russian fighters from the first generation to the modern era. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID4lWNrw7Ck
  13. I played at TG for about a week non-stop when OA first came out, possibly heard UO mentioned once or twice on teamspeak, then stopped playing Arma for a while. When I got back into it, I checked the TG forums and saw a couple of references to UO and "The Split." Then I stumbled across one of Fusionpoo's youtube videos of a UO gameplay session and thought it looked really cool, so I installed the mod set and hopped on the server. I wound up doing domi side missions with Mustang, got my famil course done the next day with Upchuck, and then started playing regular missions on the server with folks. I haven't played on the server for a while, but I'm still very fond of UO.
  14. Damnit, so much for my secret dream of a new 2142.
  15. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=287 Allow access to your inventory and corpse inventories while underwater. Because you're screwed if a guy carrying mission critical gear (like satchel charges or AT) gets killed underwater.
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