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    Completed trainings:
    Familiarization Course [30 Sept 2011 2000z] by Upchuck
    Basic gunnery skills [24 Oct 2011] by Godhand
    FDC/battery commander course [25 Oct 2011] by Godhand
    Forward Observation Course [27 Oct 2011] by Godhand
    Fireteam operations course [07 Nov 2011] by Godhand
    Navigation course [08 Nov 2011] by Godhand
    Fireteam leaders course [10 Nov 2011] by Godhand
    Radio operators course [16 Nov 2011] by Yaxxo
    Rotary Wing Pilot Course [7 Dec 2011] by Upchuck
    JTAC (theory) [16 Dec 2011] by Godhand
    JTAC (practice) [17 Dec 2011] by Godhand
    JTAC (examen <- passed) [18 Dec 2011] by Godhand
    Platoon leaders training - Basics of combat leadership [12 Jan 2012] by Godhand
    Platoon leaders training - Conducting a platoon March (mounted/dismounted) [19 Jan 2012] by Godhand
    Platoon leaders training - Defensive positions [26 Jan 2012] by Godhand
    Platoon leaders training - Assaults [02 Feb 2012] by Godhand
    Mortar Training [22 Jan 2012] by Bob Morane
    Armor tactics Course [16 Jan 2012] by Godhand
    Basic Convoy Operatations Course [08 Mar 2012] by Godhand, Thawk, Verox, Yaxxo
    Basic Naval Aviation Course [10 Mar 2012] by Evan
    Forward Observer & Mortar Course [16 Mar 2012] by Thawk
    Basic Soldier Combat Skills Day 1 [24 Mar 2012] by Boon
    Random Mission Training (RMT) 1 [18 April 2012] by Boon
    Attack Helicopter Course Part I [26 May 2012] by Verox
    Platoon Operations - Fireteam level training [05 June 2012] by Godhand
    Platoon Operations - Fireteam level training II [16 June 2012] by Godhand
    Platoon Operations - Squad level training [19 June 2012] by Godhand
    Squad Leaders Course [01 July 2012] by Godhand
    Basic Urban Warfare [02 July 2012] by THawk
    Medical Course [23 Nov 2012] by Thawk
    Tiger Land Training sessions by Boon
    Basic Close Quarter Combat Course [01 Dec 2012] by Jackson
    Basic MOUT Course [09 Dec 2012] by Jackson
    Pilot/Aircrew Communications/Brevity Course [29 Dec 2012] by Fluffer
    Basic Rotary Wing Competence Assessment [26 Jan 2013] by Verox

    You can find the videos of all courses on my Youtube channel!


    Member of Boon's Tiger Land Team
  1. Probably out again. Maybe I'll be able to show up but not sure so don't count on me.
  2. In. I hope this time it won't come up anything in the last minute.
  3. So and I wanted to do something else than programming today so I tried to retexture the ArmA 3 Blufor uniform with the German Bundeswehr Flecktarn camouflage pattern and this is the result: Maybe not the best quality but I'm satisfied for my first try,
  4. Before I came to UO I was playing with a much smaller group where I knew almost everyone and I disabled the hud. Then I came to UO and left it on just because of those two reasons above. I simply can't remember all the names of the people who are in my squad especially each mission and I also don't want to write them down every mission (I do this for leadership positions). And it is very useful, especially at the beginning of each mission when everybody is at the same place, when you want know who you have to follow. But those are the only two reasons for me why I use it. Okay, sometimes it is very useful when you can't see anything because it's too dark.
  5. Don't know if I can be there today. If I don't show up until 1800z than i couldn't come.
  6. Player is bypassing permanent ban by playing on the UO ArmA 3 server. Pause at the given time (set resolution to 720p to be able to read it), player number 3 is "cm.".
  7. Just received my key, the support sent it to me at 1:37 am. I decided to write them since my order information on the store site was gone. They're working hard to get that problem done.
  8. I also bought the game form BI Store and all I received was the confirmation of the payment by paypal. Nothing else yet.
  9. Oh sh** sorry I totally forgot the course .... shame on me.
  10. The first flight to the AO with Force:
  11. Was a great event and I think it was much better than the last one. But again some people had no luck and couldn't fly because of connection issues. I was flying one of the A-10 on BLUFOR. All I destroyed was a Strela and a Shilka. But before we ended the mission I was trying to do a gun run on a Tunguska and Strela which wasn't a good idea but after I ejected my plane managed to do a pefect belly landing. I've recorded my first engagement and the last engagement. I will upload them soon. And again thank you for showing up and thanks to 373rd for hosting this event! Tell us your story!
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