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  1. I haven't/won't be playing at UO, but before I leave for the Military College of South Carolina I would like to thank and apologize to you all. A lot of you don't know me, but for those that do I would like to say sorry for how I was. Looking back on how I conducted myself it was frankly embarrassing. I'd like you all to have my gratitude for the good times I had with this community, even though I wasn't a shining star. There are some things I never liked about UO, but it doesn't matter at the end of the day because it's a game. About a year and a half ago I just dropped off ARMA, or maybe I was banned, I don't know. From then on I went and did a lot of stuff you can't do from behind a computer chair staring at a monitor. Games are fun, but life wasn't made to be experienced like I was, and a lot of my behavioral problems here were driven from knowing that subconsciously. I just felt like I hadn't done jack shit with my life other than bully Kevin and rambo on TVTs, but I digress. Know that I didn't come back to gloat nor preach, but to tell you all I'm sorry for how I was. That said, go out there. Start lifting, reading, meditating, talk to girls, whatever. Make life your bitch, be someone or something that you'll be proud of when your grandkids ask what you were like when you were young. All your insecurities and bullshit that you tell yourself that keeps you from doing what you want to do aside, just do it. Shia LaBeouf had it right in that regard I guess. Good luck to you all, and whatever you strive to do. Commit yourself to it fully and I know that success will follow. Take it easy. Warrior.
  2. Have you played in a line battle before : Y I acknowledge all rules : Y
  3. It's funny to watch people both in this community and elsewhere attempting to put labels and names on their beliefs.

  4. is sthud a clientside mod? if it is, just let the client decide if they want it or not.
  5. Hope everything works out for the best my friend! Thanks for checkin' in.
  6. I've made a lot of mistakes in this community, taken relationships for granted, and probably came off as a pompous asshole to a lot of people. I'm truly sorry for my negligence and should've known better. Thank you.
  7. I didn't attempt to teamkill anyone, I was knifed in the back from what I heard, was revived, and went up stairs and shot mixrate because of what I thought was a traitorous act. I was poked and told it was an accident, apologized to Mix and went on to lead Opfor intelligently. I never blamed Sebass for "making the comms compromised" but rather just moved up a channel and continue leading my men. Sebass had be suspicious the entire round by constantly having his weapon up, standing behind me and telling me to "Drop your radio because the comms are compromised." I was then turned on by both my medic and platoon sergeant and told that I was the traitor. I retreated down the stairs, turned around and said "I'm not the traitor! Don't come down stairs or you'll be shot." We were at a stand off and my medic rushed me. I acted out of necessity to protect myself and my command. I was gunned down by said medic, and my men were left without a commander. This wasn't intentional disruption of gameplay nor teamkilling. I knew that I was under command of multiple patrols all engaging enemy operatives and were possibly about to be killing by my seemingly rebelling medic and platoon sergeant. I'm unsure how this is metagaming as it was Sebass himself who brought up the idea of someone being a traitor saying to me and I quote "Who do you think the traitor is?" Thank you.
  8. I used to lie about my age to give blood, using a driving permit as ID. Gets me outta class.
  9. I am about to purchase some supplements from Onnit.com, something I've been contemplating for a while. Vitamins, ect are always helpful during summer tourneys.
  10. Anyone JRE all day? If you haven't heard of it, it's probably one of the best podcasts out there in my opinion. Here he talks to UFC Welterweight Georges St-Pierre, some really good topics discussed in my opinion, specifically about MMA, nutrition.
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