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  1. Do Germans have a sense of humor? Why are they so annalytical? Is it a mixture of IQ and testosterone?
  2. Are you running TeamSpeak before loading the game? It seems like it's trying to make changes to a file it doesn't have permission to access. This could either be due to the file being in use (you already having TS running) or it doesn't have permission to make changes to the programfiles directory. Try running PWS in Administrative mode before loading TeamSpeak. Launch Arma3 after updating and such, then go into TS, see if you get the same error.
  3. Because the country is founded on rebelion, therefore the biggest enemy is tyranny. You're acting as if these voices are unanimous. As if it's a speil of bipolarism instead of seperate political bodies. What are you implying? That teaching a kid how to use a weapon is similair to directly harming him? It seems obvious to me the entire reason that right exists is for the sake of self-defence. Now for my Question. Do you guys think space exploration/colonization will be possible with a divided world at home? I always think of the shear logistics of it, I'm imagining a certain country getting a base set up, and now its enemies threatening to destroy that colony as a bargaining chip or something.... Basically what I'm asking is: Are humans going to have to form a monolithic government/populace in order to reach the stars?
  4. Aside from this guy comparing people to cancer; it's a good video. For thousands of years the Europeans had kept these shitheads out of Europe. Sad that people have to lose their lives because of a fucking archaic religion. These attacks won't convince liberals that Islam is evil, in fact, they're such oikophobes they'll blame westerners for it. (just like they did when shit went down in Australia)
  5. Yeah, I think they've been phoning it in after their game of thrones trilogy thing. (which itself wasn't all that funny tbh) One of the funniest episode I've ever seen was the homeless episode, what's your fav?
  6. Here's another one for ya. Reagan may not have made the best choices during his presidency, but damnit he could give a mighty speech.
  7. Absolutely, what separates Christianity as well as Taoism, Buddhism, and all other peace-loving religions is the initiation of violence. Christianity was not spread by the sword, I don't know how the WBBC could ever claim to be on the moral high-ground when they mock Jesus' teachings with such actions. Muslims are known for being conquerors, it's been that way since Muhammad decided to raid his first caravan. It's a religion that lives by the sword, there's so much evidence that shows this and with the recent events I dunno what it's gonna take for you to wake up and realize that not all Religions are the same, you gotta judge them based on their message and merits. I don't, I'd prefer to stay the heck out of other people's business. Dunno if you've noticed but Turkey hasn't exactly been the best NATO member as of late. I don't really like talking "home-front" politics, geopolitics are much more interesting, that and banking systems... Interesting that you say that, I haven't watched mainstream news in years, but ZZEZ says his news isn't doing that... Wonder why... Harper is probably done, I don't think much of that Trudeau weasel, however. I don't like anyone that wants to throw my money at their problems. I don't want to pay more taxes. I totally understand it's a war against the West, all I'm pointing out is why we're among the first targets. To ignore Canada's relationship with Israel is to ignore the reality of the situation we find ourselves in now. I'd be surprised if a country like Ireland was a big target for ISIS. Vickers is a badass. It's good to hear that the media isn't giving much credence to the shitheads that initiated this attack, It might be because they don't want to seem "Islamaphobic" or maybe people are just getting tired of the "There's a boogieman - quick, give up your rights so you can be safe!" Shtick that's on most TV news. The way I see it the news is far more interested in fear mongering than getting their stories straight, after the Zimmerman and the Ferguson cases I don't see how anybody could trust them. This attack was carried out the same day that lady from Pakistan was meant to be given her honourary Canadian citizenship from Harper himself, I can't help but think this had something to do with it.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ2MY58RunM Canada has been supporting Israel for about 10 years, no surprise that Radical Muslims would want to attack us. Just another example of politicians putting other countries interests before their own, and to hell with the consequences. AFAIK, ISIS isn't "targeting" Christians as much as they are targeting Shiites. The Christians that they have conquered have been spared (for the most part) and just given a special tax. This is because they see Christians not as heretics, but as ignorance, they see Shiites as Heretical and thus worthy of Jihad. This leads me to believe we're being targeted because of our political affiliation due to our morons in Government. I do wish Harper didn't involve us in the savagery of the Middle East, but he has, so we gotta deal with the shit we're now getting. Your concentration camp idea sounds nice.
  9. This is why I always tried my hardest to get in with Militant's squad, guy knows exactly how I like to play.
  10. What are you on about? I'm simply explaining the way it works, and to take everything Obama says with a grain of salt. I've not said anything about the "NWO" or any of that shit, I've tried to talk about why this shit really is happening and got censored and ridiculed for it, so you can keep the ad hominems coming. Well, yeah, that's the point. They obviously didn't give a shit if this happened, or maybe they even wanted it to happen to keep the arms industry flowing maybe? It's no secret the arms industry profits from war. "The military industrial complex" you know, the same thing Eisenhower talked about? Agreed.
  11. You're under the impression that he's telling the truth though, which makes me wonder what makes you think he is... Just take this in context - CNN and MSNBC and FOX news all used to broadcast fake plans about operations conducted in Iraq during the war (I remember even watching one as a kid) the Idea of broadcasting these plans was to try and trick the enemy into thinking that would be the plan the US military would conduct. The news later apologized for lying (lol, first time they did that I suppose) and explained why they lied. They did the same stuff in Afghanistan, they'd claim they were withdrawing from a region, the enemy then increases activity in said region, and they can then engage them because they'd been enticed out of their holes. (I don't think this tactic works nearly as well now as it did the first time, but it would be naive to think they're still not trying to do it) Interesting that Cheney explains exactly what we're seeing unfold now. Either he's a prophet, or he's smarter than the media would have you believe.
  12. You as part of the IDF should know most about Genocide, right? King beat me to it.
  13. Just seems like some Islamophobia to me. I honestly don't see anything wrong with being Islamophobic, as I think that the religion has proven time and time again that it's a violent way of life. Only liberal apologists who believe every person/religion is equal don't see a problem with blending such drastically different ways of life into the same area. All I'm saying is, we shouldn't be involved. Period, we've fucked up time and time again in that region, pissed off these people enough for them to apparently infiltrate our soil and plan attacks against us. It's cause and effect, I know it's a hard concept to grasp for some people, but if you poke people, they tend to poke back. It always amazes me how easily people forget RECENT history. This type of thing has happened before, the US arms rebels that are enemies to the US (The old adage "The enemy of my enemy is my friend") It happened in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, all these instances eventually come back to bite us in the ass when we decide we want more control in the region. Oh, cause y'know, killing people from the air is so much more moral than sending boots on the ground. Does nobody find it funny that Obama went on a campaign promising peace in the middle-east, promising to pull out from Iraq and then going right back in? Now I'm not blaming this whole thing on him, I don't think he has much a choice being a puppet and all. Make no mistake about it, this isn't about the safety of the American people, this isn't going to benefit YOU as a citizen because it's not about you. If you were really concerned with nipping this in the bud, you'd ban all Muslims because of your obvious fear of them ala japanese/Jews in WW2. That'd probably be more effective than just bombing their homeland, but we all know the moral conundrum therein.
  14. Even after reaching the consent of the people who quite firmly stated "NO WE DON'T WANT TO GO INTO SYRIA YOU WARMONGERING CUNTS" They go ahead and do it anyway. International law was never a part of US/Israeli conduct, they won't start following it now. Yeah, since there's so much chaos why don't we just jump in and stir the shit up some more? That always works out for the US people. First we arm these shitheads, then we bomb them, does the US even care to look like a sane country any more?
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