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  1. I was beeing overly dramatic, for sure. They are not close to Terminator or something, but stuff like this takes a lot of time and therefor it's cool to see it progress.
  2. yes, clearely it would be better to not have limbs at all, right Cephei?
  3. No need Enforcer, Germany is ever faithfully working on a solution to unite Europe.
  4. In-Game Name: Tequila FTOP Y/N: Y This is at 0400h for me, so please forgive me if I don't hear my alarm clock and don't attend.
  5. What does this have to do with drinking your own piss??
  6. I find it quite fascinating how much of the Polish side of WWII is just swept under the carpet by anyone living west of the Oder. You only really hear about the whole Holocaust buisiness and nothing else. You never really hear about, as you say, Stalins role in starting WWII for example or how both Germans and Russians systematically killed the educated Poles, most importantly politicians, army officers, burocrats(spelling??) as well as intellectuals. Or how extensive the partisan fighting was in Poland against both Germans AND RUSSIANS(!!), as well as I think some Ukranian partisans at the very end. I suspect the reason for it all being swept under the carpet is that WWII started because Britain and France guaranteed the independece of Poland and to everyones embarressment(in the West) it did not end with an independant Poland. Instead the Western Allies yielded to almost any of Stalins demands.
  7. I may join in, if you don't mind a terrible player.
  8. Theres a car on a bridge. What's missing? The joke...
  9. http://www.youtube.com/DeepSkyVideos Thread relevance: 100% also relevance ~75%
  10. Books.(+random piece of clothing) Don't get me wrong, I think their great, it's just not a great surprise anymore.
  11. I was the one who messaged Cheese during the mission about this. This is what happened from my perspective: I JIP'ed into the mission as Mortar Gunner, as it was the only slot that was left. After reading up on the Briefing I quickly went over to the rest of the mortar team. I dropped all my ammo etc. There was a general atmosphere of boredom in the mortar team. It seems the players weren't really aware that that is normal when playing an indirect fire role. After 5 min or so of not doing anything, I believe it was Whitehead(I'm not 100% on this), said something along the lines of "well since we aren't doing firemissions let's make our own entertainment. Let's launch a mortar up someones arse." which was met with enthusiasm. I'm pretty sure I remember us beeing 10m or so away from the mortar when that conversation took place. I quickly put some 30m between me and the mortar when it was clear to me that they would be doing it. At that point I was already looking whether there were any Admins on. CHs also went away from the mortar while the other two(Whitehead, Bumbake) took their positions. Because CHs was only around 10m away when the mortar was launched by Whitehead up Bumbakes arse all three of them died, the mortar destroyed while I was wounded lightly. Bumbake disonnected pretty much directly after the explosion took place. To me Bumbakes version of events seems extremely unlikely. There was a conversation about the action beforehand, which took place some distance away from the mortar, so that everyone had to move in order to get into position. I had enough time to move away some 30m before they were in position to launch the round. Launching a mortar up someones arse is not an accident. You have to position the player exactly. This is how I saw it and reported it to Cheese.
  12. Yeah it's not the most intuitive game out there for sure
  13. Does that mean you now own FI? If so, I'm up for a game anytime.
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