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  1. CO54 Powerplay V1
  2. It should not matter - just launch the game with the mods listed here: @ACE @ACRE2 @CBA_A3 @CUP_TERRAINS_CORE @CUP_TERRAINS_MAPS @RHSAFRF @RHSGREF @RHSUSAF @UOMODS_A3 @UOMAPS_A3
  3. View distance was annoying but I thought it was a good time. I would up the view distance a tiny bit.
  4. I'm dealing with my traffic problem by committing mass murder... Is there a better way? I have yet to find any overpasses.
  5. Bought this the other day - it is pretty awesome so far. Brings back some Simcity memories.
  6. Not sure how I didn't catch this when I signed up - can't make it.. I usually work Sundays. Won't be around the next 3 Sundays at least.
  7. I'm in. I don't have any of the DLC. This a problem?
  8. Voted yes as well. I've had very positive interactions with Mixtrate in-game.
  9. Voted no. If we are to apply the same punishment to everyone, Herbiie should be banned. I don't believe Freddy or Herbiie deserve a permaban for their actions, but rather a forum ban. They both do not have much observed bad behavior in game. Revenge against whom? Herbiie certainly did not 4.1.2 anyone. Rein's explanation for putting up the poll was to hold everyone in our community to the same standard. Some "sect" of Regulars did not ban him. Exactly 2 Regulars did: Rein and the ban processor. And on that note, Freddy is not friends with Rein as far as I know. Nearly no one around here likes Freddy much mainly due to his forum conduct. Herbiie has the same record of forum conduct and should be held to the same standard.
  10. Are non-regulars given access to view their own (internal) review threads? I thought they were not. He would not in that case be aware of how many people had a problem with him. Abstaining for now until I read up more on what Freddy did.
  11. No. The server would probably implode without our only active GM.
  12. Name: Huska Who do you want to play as?: Anything left? Will leave major roles to other players if they want them. Do you have the mod installed? Yes Does the date work for you? Yes Does the time work for you? Yes Do you want to play with a buddy? Nope
  13. I cannot believe we lost that war after having 99% war score. I mainly blame the idiot who told us to stop seizing King's Landing, fusion who stopped fighting for some reason..., and the Iron Isle who had captured Rhaegar's child and gave him back and then left the war... Ya'll are traitors. Jon Arryn was captured at the end of the war after executing Rhaegar's son, and was then sent to The Wall. Then, the commander of the Night's Watch died. Jon Arryn was now the commander of the Night's Watch and now played by NoDebate... The Vale did not have much else interesting happen after the war besides the two of my vassals revolting towards the end of the rebellion. They were captured and tortured.
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