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  1. Playing under the name [LLJK] Jabronie I was one of the three members Tiger decided to gun down. I can't confirm but I believe Walldo was the third man killed. A bit of setting to the situation: Tiger was a member of the fireteam I was leading in the mission and while giving simple orders for defense of a town three members of our squad were killed by Tiger's friendly fire. It's not likely this is an alt-tabbed incident as at the time this occurred Tiger was 10m ahead of his fireteam and promptly turned his character around to face us. It's hard to justify this as an accident as the three members killed were several meter apart, not in a column; there was no prompt for this; I can attest while in the down time there were people harassing Tiger no one in our squad participated in that while executing the mission. I personally made a point as fireteam leader to give Tiger clear and concise orders to follow so to prove himself a capable member of a fireteam and it's unfortunate he had to do this. In addendum, I will say the things people say to Tiger to harass are pretty abhorrent to what I thought is expected of a member of this community. Tiger, while quite immature, does not under any circumstance deserve to be harassed with pedophilia jokes. Sorry if this sounds preachy but I work with children personally and it makes me sick to hear that kind of humor, especially tagged members with the community's namesake.
  2. Very cool, I missed out on attending this course. Where may I see this video when it's posted?
  3. I don't mind the ban, i won't appeal. Obviously boredom of waiting on a pilot drove me to this after 20 minutes of no response on the radio. It's strange that people are saying they tried to contact me because i've heard nothing on the 343 or 148 i was carrying. Someone mentioned they tried to track me down but I didn't hear him say anything.
  4. hey, thanks for setting up this training course. I attended today and felt it was good to try out things I haven't gotten a chance to in normal play.
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