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  1. Anyway, my cable installation has been delayed by 3 days (moving into a new place) so I will not be able to make it to the session tomorrow unfortunately. I should still be able to make it to the weekend sessions though.
  2. I'll be down for some. Kansiov Italy Pretty free pretty much anytime from 1800 Zulu onwards.
  3. Nationalist China could actually hold its own on HoI2:DD. In HoI 3 they're really powerless and get completely overrun by 1938-39. In the HoI 4 footage though, they get puppetted by 1936, which is downright ridiculous. I know it's early Alpha, but still...
  4. Good to see China being severely underpowered again... /s
  5. Game cancelled for today, postponing the weekly session tomorrow. Once again, would really appreciate if we can have the decency to at least get some kind of feedback if you're unable to make it prior to a session.
  6. Friendly reminder that the game will commence as planned in roughly 3 1/2 hours time.
  7. Weekends game, Saturdays & Sundays - 1600 UTC/GMT. aka Mark's Golden Calf Estimated session time: 3-4 hours Game Version: TFH 4.02, HPP Mod 3.3.3, BGLH Checksum Scenario Start Date: 1 January, 1936 Public Session #1 Start Date: April, 1936 Initial Roster Axis: Germany - Kansiov Leans Axis: Japan Italy - Mastec Hungary - SCFan Allies: United Kingdom - WALancer France - Mark Interiis Canada Australia British India Leans Allies: United States ​Comintern: Soviet Union - Yugoslav Neutrals: Brazil (Democracy, Socialists in Power) Argentina (Military Junta, Autocrats in Power) Nationalist China (Right-Wing Republic, Autocrats in Power) Communist China (Left-Wing Republic, Stalinists in Power) Spanish Republic (Democracy, Social Democrat-Socialist Alliance in Power) Spanish State (Fascist Republic, Fascists) Romania (Constitutional Monarchy, Social Conservatives in Power) [signing up] You are only allowed to select countries shown in this roster. Country names with italics represents a major power, and must be filed up. You may select up to five countries in this roster, ranking them in preference accordingly. Major powers are co-opable with up to two players, and may be negotiated with the assigned player after the roster is released. Neutral countries are not aligned to any faction, and may have free reign over which faction they can align to, their current political status is in brackets. If you wish to play as Nationalist Spain- Spanish State, you will first join the game as a neutral minor (eg. Luxembourg, Haiti) until the Spanish Civil war event fires. The US and Japan are currently unfilled, and will not be required to be filled for the next few sessions until we have a strong Asia roster. Blacklisted players: Kevin31 Soviet Slime These players have been proven unreliable in the previous session, and will be barred from playing any majors for this round. General Gameflow: Starting Scenario - The game will begin with the 1936 scenario. Factions - Nations already in factions must stay in them. Nations under aligned to X faction must continue to align towards them unless an IG event points them otherwise. Neutrals have free reign to pick whichever faction they please. Speed - The default gamespeed shall be 3 until the outbreak of worldwide conflict (that affects more than one continent), which it will then be dropped down to 2. Gamespeeds could be sped up, slowed down upon request. Pausing is strongly discouraged and shall only be used upon the breaking of a rule, or upon a major event. Attendance - If you're playing a major power please be considerate and be reliable. Should you be unable to make the session, issue a notice so a substitute can be arranged. Griefing - YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FUCKUP YOUR NATION AND LEAVE PERIOD. House Rules - The House Rules for combat, intelligence and exploits from the previous session are generally in effect. --- Mod Installation Instructions Download the mod from here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-historical-plausibility-project/downloads HPP 3.3.3 Version Note that other modules are optional and are strongly discouraged if you are retarded. Extract and place the HPP (Folder) and HPP (.mod file) into Hearts of Iron 3/tfh/mod folder. If you are facing crashes, download podcats exe HERE and extract and place the exe into your Hearts of Iron 3 directory. It will ask you to replace your default tfh.exe, replace it. It is your due diligence to get the mod working correctly BEFORE the game session. We will not wait around 2 hours for you to sort out your mess.
  8. Friendly reminder that the game will continue tomorrow at the stipulated time.
  9. Sorry, but updated house rules: Events (ADDED) - Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is mandatory -- USSR cannot invade Germany or any of Axis minors until the fall of France or June of 1940, whichever comes first. The only exception is Finland (should it become Axis), which will be fired via the Winter War event. - "Sounds like a good idea" wargoal is mandatory as Germany - Occupation of Indochina by Japan is mandatory - No issuing of guarantees of independence except for those already issued by default. Balance - Allies/Comintern must trade with Axis powers until their threat levels reach high enough to DOW. Since Axis nations are generally resource deprived, it is gamey and foreshadowing to embargo prior to war. Neutral nations not in any faction (eg. the USA) must continue to trade until they join an opposing faction. For the US, the only exception to this rule shall be Japan and it's satellite states. - The US cannot join the Allies, DOW the Axis unless: -- Any nation in the Americas joins the Axis -- The British Isles are invaded -- North American mainland or Greenland is invaded (AMENDED) -- Suez canal has fallen to the Axis -- The US is DOWed and attacked upon first -- Australia or New Zealand is invaded (ADDED) -- It is after January 1st 1942 - No nation is allowed to lend lease more than 25% of their total IC - Japan is strictly prohibited to station any naval units in European/Italian-based ports prior to the outbreak of war. - Japan is not allowed to send troops to Europe (which includes North Africa) nor Germany to the pacific unless the Axis controls the following: (ADDED) -- Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Saipan, Truk, Kwajalein & Eniwetok -- Shanghai -- Singapore -- Manila -- Rangoon -- Guam OR Wake Island OR Midway Island - Nationalist China is prohibited to join the Allies until the Danzig event fires. Combat - Maximum of 10 CVs in battle per faction - Maximum of 40 ships in a sea province per faction (transports & amphibious assault ships not counted) - No logistical bombing with rockets - No passage through the Bosphorus when at war unless your faction controls Istanbul. - Player controlled nations cannot be puppetted - No using of units with no frontage (eg. HQs) to capture undefended territory. (ADDED) - No amphibious assaults on capitals unless a ground attack is already underway. (ADDED) - No airdropping into capitals unless a ground attack is already underway. (ADDED) - No logistical bombing in North Africa in "choke zone" provinces where passable terrain spans one province (eg. El Alamein) (ADDED) Victory Conditions (ADDED) Allies win IF: (1) Japan is conquered/puppeted/democratized (2) Germany surrenders (3) None of these cities: Shanghai, Beiping, Chengu, Chongqing, Nanjing, is in communist hands. Axis win IF: The UK and USSR surrenders (Drang nact Osten) OR if the US and UK surrenders. USSR cannot refuse peace Comintern win IF: (1) Romania, Hungary, Poland, Manchuria, Korea is conquered, puppeted and Germany surrenders. (2) Communist China exists, unless it is conquered by Japan. If so, then Communist China must be liberated with at least one of these cities: Xi'an, Shanghai, Beiping, Chengu, Chongqing, Nanjing. --- Remember we will be starting our first session tomorrow. Hopefully we would be able to find a UK Sub/player before then. A player for France is also desirable to balance out Italy. Here is the updated Roster: Axis: Germany - Mark Interiis Japan - Mastec Italy - Headshot Romania - Appe96 Hungary Argentina Allies: United Kingdom - Cunnah (unavailable for first two sessions) United States - Kevin31 France Nationalist China - Yugoslav Canada - SCFan42 Australia Brazil ​Comintern: Soviet Union - Kansiov Communist China - Soviet Slime
  10. I can put you on as a Co-opable player... hopefully someone would be able to slot the UK alongside. Co-oping as the UK is pretty much essential in an MP game anyway given the vast lands it needs to defend.
  11. Preliminary list: Axis: Germany - Mark Interiis Japan - Mastec Italy Romania - Appe96 Hungary Argentina Allies: United Kingdom United States - Kevin31 France Nationalist China - Yugoslav Canada - SCFan42 Australia Brazil ​Comintern: Soviet Union - Kansiov Communist China As it stands right now, obviously we need the UK, preferably with Italy and France filled before we proceed. Of course, co-op applications are not taken into account nor are the spots finalized.
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