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  1. Just joined up! I haven't played much (despite having the game for a year), as you could tell, but I'm looking forward to getting back into it!
  2. Doth have I verily provided thee with the knowledge requested herewith
  3. I got some videos of today. They mostly consist of me bleeding out and in pain, but the last mission came through pretty good. Depending on how lazy I feel, I might edit it down and post it. Either way, thanks for setting this up. Good times all around.
  4. Just signed up. Note the NDA when you register, so be careful what you post here.
  5. Could you have the OPs be teleportable to, but only if you joined in the last 5 minutes or something? Like your option 2, but if you are already spawned in and briefed then you can’t fast travel. If people really wanted to game it, and leave the server than rejoin, this wouldn’t stop them, but at least it is a deterrent.
  6. I can only imagine what that’s like lol. I’m just looking forward to the graphics not on a laptop! Ain’t that the truth. Glad to be back. It does that. Makes you a better man in the end. What are you studying?
  7. Haha nice man. Looking forward to jumping on TS and chatting. Maybe I can get you into a game or two! Perfect, thanks man. New game, new mods, all that crap. Those times are probably when I’ll be able to play too. I’m PST now, so later in the night for most probably. Heyyy Soviet! Miss you buddy. Had some personal changes since I left so you’re not too far off haha. How’ve you been?
  8. Friends, enemies, assorted other, I’m sure I have slipped into the hall of forgotten old members, but I used to play a lot here with UO. In fact, I made regular, but then life happened (major family illness, graduating, and a new job all adding up at the same time was a great couple years...) and I became one of those guys who disappeared. If you do remember me, I was the guy playing on a laptop with shitty WiFi. Enough désync to keep playing after the mission ended and bad enough graphics that I didn’t know collimaters had numbers until forever. But now i have upgraded to adult WiFi and built myself a great gaming rig. So I am looking forward to new adventures around here. Might jump into some DCS as well and BMS now that I have a VR rig too. We’ll see. Glad to see so many familiar names. Miss you guys! -Unreal
  9. Hrrrgghhh B17. I just hope the theater is large enough to warrant an actual b17 raid type mission.
  10. Don't be ashamed of eating fruit....
  11. I was kinda curious what you flew... cool.
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