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  1. Thanks for the hints Tinfoil. But for now I'd rather not mess around with VAS. I just updated the mission and for now I gave every squad leader a long range radio and added some actions to the big red box for retrieving a 152 or 148. But somehow I can't remove radios the way Nou intended it to be (unassignItem and then removeItem). https://github.com/lukrop/co20_annihilation_nato.Altis/blob/master/fnc/addPRC148.sqf It doesn't remove any of the radios. Even with removeWeapon it doesn't work so I'm kinda puzzled right now.
  2. Actually I never used VAS to get my radios. I tried the ACRE crate, which spawns a gazillion radios into your inventory, and then I went for a simple script, called via the action menu. I know it's a dirty hack but until the ACRE crate works I'll have to live with that. /* Author: lukrop Date: 10/1/2013 Description: Adds a AN/PRC-152 Radio to the caller. Parameters: OBJECT: object with the action OBJECT: object that called the action Returns: - */ _unit = _this select 1; _unit unassignItem "ItemRadio"; _unit removeItem "ItemRadio"; _unit unassignItem "ACRE_PRC148"; _unit removeItem "ACRE_PRC148"; _unit unassignItem "ACRE_PRC343"; _unit removeItem "ACRE_PRC343"; _unit unassignItem "ACRE_PRC152"; _unit removeItem "ACRE_PRC152"; _unit addItem "ACRE_PRC152"; //_unit removeWeapon "ACRE_PRC152"; //_unit addWeapon "ACRE_PRC152"; Are there any good A3 gear scripts/TO&E available? If so I would use them.
  3. I'm using ACRE with it all the time. Until the ACRE box works flawlessly I just have a action at the VAS ammobox to add a 152 to the player inventory. I didn't have any problems yet regarding ACRE but of course if there are any ACRE regarding things that need improvement I'll look into that. edit: Might need to look at those two.
  4. Hey guys! I just recently released a domination-like mission in the BI forums. Could be interesting as a seeder mission. I'm maintaining a git repository with the latest changes. It's the most up to date version as it's usally the contents of my working directory. BI Forums Armaholic Any feedback is appreciated and I hope I posted in the right sub forum. Greetings!
  5. Well, the Austrians make pretty damn good headphones too. I myself own the AKG K240 DF headphones, for me, the best headphones ever made. Sadly it got discontinued, but it's successor the K240 Studio is awesome too.
  6. lukrop

    New Player

    The familiarization course is definitely a good starting point. I'd say that the learning curve isn't really hard. Since you are new to ArmA there are some "quirks" (compared to other games) which you'll learn/see pretty quickly. As long as you don't derp around you won't be "that guy". Have fun! edith says you probably need a nick which is easier to be spoken out.. o underscore o is a bit of a pain for any SL or TL
  7. DOO WANT NAO!! Really looking forward to the release of this mod.
  8. I won't be able to attend. Charlie FT2 Asst. Gunner Sorry for any inconvience and shifting.
  9. Name: lukrop Preferred Positions: Asst AR/AR/Javlin/Rifleman(AT) Would you consider a leading position: no Comments: I'm detecive John Kimble! Who is your daddy and what does he do? If slotted, will you inform myself or Mark of your absence: of course
  10. Blastcore won't work because of the diversity of the effects in TvT and JSRS has several config problems AFAIR. Both mods are IMHO not very clean, though I like some effects/sounds. A unified, clean modpack is the way to go and neither JSRS nor Blastcore are clean enough to be included. Anyways I'm not a regular so I can't vote.
  11. He just fears the TvT event, I tell you!
  12. I think i would get bored way too fast for this, though discipline and chain of command are important things in combat. I think our training courses are the way to go. Much information in a short period of time without too much restrictions regarding behaviour.
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