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  1. I am not available on 14 Mar, but i can join on 15 Mar. Sign-up: Chriz/Chriz Dates: 15th march I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  2. Chriz/Chriz Dates available: both I have reviewed and understand the prerequisites.
  3. Name: Chriz Pre-req experience: Fam. Course Navigation Air Crew Communication Fire Team Drills Machine Gunner Course Artillery Course Forward Observer Game Tag: Chriz
  4. Name: Chriz Pre-req: JTAC (learned from Tasel's videos, with examples in DCS Multiplayer) Game Tag: Chriz
  5. i need a refresher, i join all three classes
  6. In Game Name: Chriz Can you commit to the full duration?: yes and more Are you able to prove that you understand the prerequisite knowledge?: yes, i have the fixed Rotary tommorow If you are unable to attend will you notify myself (Evan)?: of course
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