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  1. I apologize for the cussin'. But I was frustrated because of all the lost time trying to get this working. As stated above, the getting started and tech help areas are pretty much useless to get things working. Slider posted a video(and yes we tried the "force beta patch" disable option}, but why would anyone go to the videos section to find technical help? And its not even just me. Any new players who are trying to join the community could VERY easily be put off by the sheer annoyance of getting things to work. I'm no slouch when it comes to getting ARMA to work, but last night was just an effort in futility. I would suggest a revamp of the getting started guide and tech help stickies to try and get more documentation in the hands of those who need it, but that is above my paygrade.
  2. titile is bad. Ive had the mods. Should be more "why dont the mods work"
  3. I have had the mods installed for UO for freaking ever. But trying to get back on the server is such a pain in the ass that I had to have another person(Adrian) try and help me for the better part of a fucking hour and a half to get on the server. And guess what, he still couldn't do it. No wonder this server is not gaining new players! I got on a few weeks ago with quite a few hoops jumped through. Now it was so fucking difficult that i gave up! I was so dejected that i couldn't get on the server just using the six updater. apparently not only do you have to use SIX, you have to set up ARMA just so, and you have to have your mods just so. It was ridiculous. And there was NO posts or guides to help me. What the fuck happened here? UO used to be all about the documentation to make sure that those who had trouble could get on the server. Now? Fuck if i know. Fuck if anyone knows. Where is the assistance that used to dominate UO to help new players get on the server? If a vet player like me is fucking floundering to get on the server, then I can only imagine what new players are going through. I dont want UO to die just because new players have the hardship that I did to get on the server.... More documentation is needed, and very soon.
  4. These guys pretty much told you what you need to know. The only real way to save space recording is to almost immediately after recording, start editing. Once you have edited and rendered, it will take up less space. Unfortunately, 500GB is pretty small when it comes to storage for Dxtory. I upgraded FROM 500GB to a 1TB when i started recording and since then have gotten another 3TB.
  5. Noobs beware. An SL who will tell what you need to know is en route and will be down to lead after Easter`. Prepare your anuses.
  6. Has a tendancy to remove the visor from the helmet(Or is there and not rendered). So sometimes looks like a ping pong ball with NY on the side and no visor. Don't know if this is fixable. Sometimes its there, sometimes its not. ANd for the NY helmet. There is a crew cheif included that has a desert Marpat helmet cover on that you could use instead. Same body/hemet model.
  7. One thing to keep in mind, its not the skilled players you have to worry about(they will act predictably. I.E. in accordance with their training and tactics. Its the unskilled players to be wary of. They are unpredictable.
  8. These were always my favorite to play with http://simunition.com/en/products/fx_marking_cartridges I painted a "combat camera" guy blue and red because he had a shiny camera and i thought "Your concealment sucks!" Found out who he was after the FTX.
  9. My .02. If you are in a position of authority for the server(I.E. Admin, GM, ect) You should act in a professional manner. These jokes were unessesary and cause strife among the populace, resulting in this ban request.
  10. Gotta agree with beta on the skyguard issue. The only time i have been truly effective was when i had 2 burster maxs with me doing damage with me. And most of the time, i wasnt the one doing most of the damage.
  11. Yax posted the pic I was looking for. After my computer was built my console has only been used for the few co-op gamesthat come along so I can stay in touch with my brother. Otherwish its a glorified DVD player and Netflix box.
  12. At most im going to put together a 72 hour bag. SInce i live where hurricanes can be a problem, i want enough proviosions that are portable so i can be set for a minimum of 72 hours. Not for some crazy end of the world scenario.
  13. This is bullshit. Ive watched the show. The more extreme people seem "too extreme", I.E. faked. Like the ex-cop who somehow has enlisted his neighbors into his group and tests home-made pepper spray on them. The few people who aren't going nuts with the prepping seem to have their heads on straight, even though they are prepping for the end of society.
  14. As for the squad lead thing, i effectively took over 1'1 after mjelnir left, even though i was only supposed to be Thawks RTO(his whisper wasnt working) Unfortunatly, my whisper was working like shit and Aqua couldnt hear me most fo the time, even though i was responding. The tactics used could be better, but, for a game that is relativly new with little time to develop any good plans, i would say we did ok. It has been the first time that an actual defense that i have seen actually pushed out attackers at a tech plant.
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