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  1. I actually don't have anything I need to do today I'm in.
  2. Out might change but don't count on it
  3. Anyone else having problems ordering in the US
  4. Thank you because i was just about to buy cliffs of dover for 20 on steam
  5. I'm in what patch is bms up to now i haven't updated in a while.
  6. If someone does put a poll up for you I will vote no based on past bans and experiences with you.
  7. Name: Livinghornet Positions: Any postition, but prefer AT Gunner or Vehicle gunner Staff: No
  8. Yes, if the poll passes I wouldn't want any other GM taking up the position.
  9. In the demo you only get the mun as another body to orbit with the full game an entire solar system is open for you to explore. Interplanetary travel adds a whole new level of difficulty to the game that you just can't get in the demo. There is also the ability to mod the game which adds even more replayability and advanced missions if you want an example this guy went a bit overboard with his mission. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp6yj2k0Fpc
  10. I have been inactive due to my job which I was only working nights so arma was almost impossible for the past 2-3 months. I should have posted something about it on the GM forum but must have forgotten about it with the hecticness of all the things going on at that time. Although once school starts up again around mid to late august I will have the time needed to be a GM again if the officers would like me back on the moderator team.
  11. In its current state it's almost unplayable but that is expected from a game this early in development. It was just recently updated to include saving games and infinite terrain but right now its just the framework of what the game will be. I like the idea behind the game and when its done it will be worth playing but right now it's basically a demo of some features going to be in the game and a fort defense mode.
  12. ^its over they noticed, it was supposed to be bundled with a graphics card but someone screwed up. Some people ordered 50+ copies and it was fufilled
  13. I actually prefer playing on consoles its easier to sit on the couch for hours than it is sitting at the computer for hours. I only really play the PC because it has games that simply cannot be run on consoles and I have the ability to mod them.
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