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  1. CO21 Oh, That Mission V1
  2. LOL08 Black Hole V1
  3. That can be done by importing an arsenal text into the unit, including two (or more) radios into it. Your fix works like a charm. Thank you for the effort.
  4. Kowgan

    CO11 Let It Go V3

    Added workaround for JIPs gear. Fixed start text.
  5. Meanwhile, workaround is to use the Eden Arsenal to manually set each of your units' loadout. It's a pain, though. Which leads me to think the arsenal itself is the one to blame. It's probably being applied after the gearscripts, overriding it.
  6. That's way too much communication there. But I like the grass art. 10/10.
  7. I recommend this if you're into any kind of board or card games. The workshop content is exceptional, and the amount of games available are countless. It's basically all the most famous and classic games for the price of one.
  8. UO will be ours someday. Someday. Welcome, João. Experimente a linguiça.
  9. Planets. Now I have to install SE again.
  10. Regarding Bruises and its treatments: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/1287#issuecomment-103010638 They are intended to stay there, and can only be healed with PAKs.
  11. I know the guy who made that game. He's brazilian, and also made this satiric game simulating the Brazil X Germany world cup soccer game: http://golalemanha.parseapp.com/ You also need the Unity Web Player for this. Obviously, in portuguese. In my opinion, this one's way better than the up above.
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