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  1. I think it should still be clarified in 1.1 in not mic-spamming but, other then that yes.
  2. Voting no, those who are perm banned probably won't come back even if they are unbanned and there is the appeal process.
  3. Voting yes on this on inactivity alone, however I will state this: Bringing up his personal review thread is invalid to me as most of the complaints are a year old or even more. Where I do think officers should be held up to a different standard much like Pie above I don't really know what was brought up as valid. Now, there is a minor foible about inactivity yes I agree azzwort is inactive on the forums but I have actually seen him online on the server within the last year. I will also state, that azzwort has done a lot of good for UOTC in his active time and if we remove him and fail to provide or promote a valid UOTC officer who is committed to reviving the position then I believe we fail the very reason we are removing azzwort in the first place.
  4. Sorry I couldn't make it, I've been ill.
  5. Changed to no based on realest shooter AC's wishes.
  6. Remove the perm, see how it goes. It's been enough time.
  7. It is still surprising that AC isn't a regular, voting yes.
  8. CO42 Boring Monday v3.1 on PR Fata Does not load slots anymore.
  9. Sure, would be nice to have him back.
  10. It was kinda fun and Best2nd dragging around the Blackhawk was a highlight
  11. I'll try to be there, after all, two bears high-fiving of the Bear clan must live on
  12. I may not be able to be at this event, I will only know on the day if I am or not.
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