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  1. You are wrong... if you are enrolling in an ag program in a school located in an agricultural area, then they are looking for just that.
  2. Welcome to UOAF Now if you don't mind, I am gonna bombard you with questions about ERAU. That's where I wanna go to school too. What did you major in, if I may ask? With regards Pig
  3. A minigun is still nothing compared to the good ol' anal cavity search.
  4. I had an old friend who was in the Army tell me that he tried this in real life with 60lbs of gear strapped to him and that he chipped a tooth in the process. I can't imagine why.
  5. I am Boston fan at heart. I am from the same country as Zdeno Chara. Go ahead, cuss me out... your screams and tears only make the Bruins stronger.
  6. Notice how the number in the url is part of the prank already lol
  7. Now why do you think that is? (legit question, not trying to be an asshole)
  8. MadDog, I still can't get over the fact that you left CF... But welcome to UO
  9. You win the Internet for today.
  10. Thanks for the extensive answers everybody. Your cops still have way less authority than the cops over here in my neck of the woods. So, going off of what Albatross said... if I was an J-1 Visa holder (foreign exchange student in the States), in which is said that that I am not allowed to sit in a car with anybody except for my legal guardian over there or a person from the school to which I go. If I was caught by a cop doing such a thing, could they detain me for having a reasonable suspicion (having a funny Slavic accent, not looking like I am from the area, etc.) could they ask me for my citizenship or for my passport and VISA?
  11. Okay, now a question. Do the police officers in the US have more power over you than the DHS guys? Can they ask you about your citizenship? Can they order you to park your vehicles somewhere even without probable cause?
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