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  1. Thanks Rye and kOepi for the info and everyone for all the positive feedback. I just wanted to say, that I am always open to new projects and if anyone wants to produce with me a video/series on a specific field of expertise feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about more details. As far as the technical part of the videos, this can only get better.
  2. Ya it is fine. Just send me a pm if you link it somewhere so I can upvote or whatever . Also my mailbox has been full, but thats fixed now, apologies.
  3. It is a combination of camera.sqs executed on me, with acre specating mode. Camera is all done manually in combination with tracking/or joystick for fluidity, depends what the scene requires.
  4. I am happy to announce that the work on the sixth series of UO Infantry Basics is complete! It has been quite a while since me and AC337 have started working on it in January and with the great help of J.B. I have decided to finally finish it. Special thanks also to everyone that spend their time to partake as actors or was involved otherwise! Since some of the scene have been recorded a while back, I am missing some names, but in no particular order thanks to Znoop, Musper, Scharkk, Briland, if you aren't on this list send me a PM! If you haven't yet seen the rest of the series, you can check it in the spoilers. Original thread and story behind the videos: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/22747-uo-infantry-basics-video-series-discussion-thread/ P.S Slider contributed a scene as well!
  5. Some pics for something I am finishing up. Which one is the best?
  6. Sounds like fun, a buddy of mine decided to set up a new server from home, but his reliability is so so, so I might check yours out, which infinity do i need, the latest?
  7. Fun mission. Was AR, 1'2, slot 7. After death I respawned next to my body.
  8. As stated in title, if you running game on Ultra, what FPS you getting on the server. What GPU/CPU you running?
  9. Nice job on the slow-mo, using any plugins or just recording high fps?
  10. Better to have Fallout 4 than no Fallout Looking forward to it.
  11. Posting this as off record for Impulse as instructed. Kevin whispered me the following yesterday: Stop acting like regular. To which I responded: What do you mean? Anyways, I am not really sure what he meant, he didn't really explain it. I hope that doesn't mean I should stop doing all the things that the regulars are example for, as in promoting values, tactical gaming in game and outside and so on.
  12. First of all this is completely unexpected. To make couple points: 1. At no point in time I said/had to intend to report the mission as broken or otherwise I just came back to play at this community, I have no idea about new missions, why would I do such a thing? I was also equally suprized to receive a poke from Impulse to report a broken mission, but since I had no idea what he was talking about, I just dismissed it . 2. I am not sure what disruption you are talking about. I simply joined for couple games, as I enjoyed the day before. That was the first mission to be put on and after that I played couple, some I even SLed. Again not sure what disruptions we are talking about here. Hope we can clear up this misunderstanding, as this is not exactly the way I imagined things to be when I come back. At least I would appreciate if both parties would be contacted, instead of going on hearsay, or at least minimum a verbal warning given if there was a offense made. I don't think I have any bans on my record, but I don't think that goes the same with you Kevin, so maybe something else is here at play.
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