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  1. write atleast my name correct -.- Had issues in the past, yes. But t takes the one instance i had on my ban enough for a regular removal - no matter what kind of reason he takes for my removal. For those who remember when i was playing on the server, i pretty much never herp derped, i stepped up multiple times as leader and i supported many many new players at United Operations. I kinda knew that thawk would put up this - T shame on you, if any one else would have requested this i wouldnt thinkt it isnt personal - but this sounds to me so personal no matter what. And for the rest - you should vote on the experience you had with me in the past and not just because thawk wants my removal Thank you Gentlemen - If i have to go, i was proud to be a part of UO
  2. ah martijn, havent played with you much but i remember you did well. Voting yes
  3. gott sei dank 120er, thx krause im looking forward to this
  4. congratz pclipse havent seen you for a while but glad to hear you made it!
  5. thx hornet iam sure new pilots will appreciate this
  6. everytime i asked for mark´s assistance on the primary he has helped me and also i disagree on the reason for removal, voting no
  7. not really part of it but i got raped hard from this:
  8. I know probably alot ppl know this already but i really like it have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoiJPLGJ22Q&list=FLhfComcHGi1KEwd_CImXCSA&index=1&feature=plpp_video
  9. Also have to mention if you have read my very first post, Thawk did called the mission like 10 minutes later after he joined
  10. yaxx you werent present, kassa put me in charge after he left. So co / 2ic dead and also to mention i had an overview what was happening around. I saw too much casulties and made the decision ok its useless we are combat ineffective Also in that case i need to put up a ban also for the admin that was present at that time before thawk joined , cause he also refused to do so. We always have ppl complaining about ... dont call the mission we are still alive But to show an extreme case: 30 ppl dead and 3 are still alive would you let em finish a mission if you know they cleary have no chance to fight big amounts of AI?
  11. no one should get punished harder even if you are regular. Imagin cops would be punished twice as hard as just regular ppl. Do you really think that than ppl would join the police? - fair treatment for all
  12. Player: THawk A2 PID: ? TS3 ID: ? Length: 72 hours Reason: Disobeying order from CO reference PM to impulse This may looks personaly due thawk has filed for me a ban aswell and yes in a way its personal but also MORE important we all should get treated the same way and i simply want justice. Fact is, i got banned for Disobeying order from SL, than Thawk should be banned for disobeying order from CO. Same treatment for all gentlemen Impulse replied back that T didnt called the mission because lately ppl where calling to early missions, but T jipped in he didnt had a clue, also iam a regular and had an overview what was happening around me at that time, it was hopeless and no need to continue anymore. Also if you have read the text above mission was called 10 minutes later after T jipped in so cleary ignore me means ignoring CO
  13. no bms because of event? i thought we have only bms pilots here too?
  14. wow fluffer thanks for your effort to this, its fantastic *thumbs up*
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