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  1. We don't know everyones timezone, it's super simple to google a conversion
  2. CO43_FutureCorps_v1
  3. Yes sir, right away sir! I actually have an interim before my start date from Tuesday the 5th though Monday the 11th, I can't imaging I'd be doing anything else.....unless the weather is good... Then I'll be out riding My bike has been broken for months and I'm finally gonna have it running soon
  4. Hey y'all, So, I got a new job that I work Fri - Tues from 7am to 3pm CST, I have ARMA friendly hours again! See you out there!
  5. I'm over by Destin/PCB that's a lonngggg ride, I'll think on it
  6. I've known Jak for roughly 10 years now. I am a perfect character witness for this mong. He can be hot headed and loud but he's never acted truly malicious. I can't recall a moment where Jak has wronged me. If he fucks up lets cut his balls off Yes
  7. Make African plains with jungle like say this long/lat 10°01'53.5"N 5°03'01.7"E then my dreams of invading africa can come true
  8. Played a round with Legion, Tin, and Azzwort. The game is very enjoyable, dare I say... better than wargame, imo
  9. As long as he continues to blast, masterfully.
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