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  1. Any Gunnerseat
  2. Seems like we will play on Tuesday. Would be able to make it, Would prefer a gunnerseat. (Not very confident with commanding a tank. :/)
  3. I think one major factor is the short briefing-time. I get that it can be frustrating to brief 30+ mins straight, only to find out that mission is broken when going in and it basically was a waste of time. But there are certain missions where 15 minutes definitely aren't enought for a brieftime, especially when CO has to read throught the briefing himself first.
  4. So, it will be 25$ for each copy?
  5. Oh yeah, two of them got AAA'd. That's why the other two prowlers turned around and abandoned us.
  6. A single F-16 was lost to a Mig-23. Actually the Weather itself claimed more airmen... Not even talking about those cheeky prowlers that decided to abandon station and have all of us shot down by SA-3... :/
  7. The campaign is just a little manouver between two fictional forces. So there isn't much action at the moment. Hope they decide to put out a real scenario at some point.
  8. Also, maybe add like a static .50 cal and a Co-Pilot seat to the side of each G-Car to emulate the twin .30 cal they had. Wouldn't be too OP I guess since hitting targets on the move would be quiet hard.
  9. Maybe put the information about that fireforcestuff higher up so CO reads it before starting the brief. Besides that it was really great.
  10. Great Flight! Because of that Event i will rebind my SU-25 for DCS again.
  11. Charge of the Easy-Company: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/833574763959339688/D4DDAD7B063E526F673BCF726DD063E4682CC86F/ Also, Event was fun. Even thought it felt more like two random Coop's played on a casual Saturday (Which isn't a bad thing in my perspective), with an unusual permissive Command. (Not that im complaining.)
  12. Im ready to fly glorious Su-25 to repel those pesky imperialist pigs!
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