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  1. Game 3/4: The HRE continues to slowly expand its borders. Scotland, Norway, Aragon, Denmark, and possibly soon to be Portugal have all been accepted into the Empire. The Golden Horde has finally arrived and is giving the Byzantines one hell of a fight. Ireland now controls the kingdoms of Lithuania, Wales, Scotland, and Norway and soon to be Denmark. England has become Brittany, and is slowing being gobbled up by Ireland. Honestly the game has been pretty good for the most part, very few desync issues. There are really 4 major powers at the moment. The Fatamid, HRE, Byzantines, and The Golden Horde. If anyone is still interested in joining we will be playing again this Wednesday (Later in the afternoon, time TBD). Map pictures to come later.
  2. Game Two: We played from 1112 to 1180. The HRE continues to spread throughout Europe gobbling up smaller nations. The Duchy of Munster gained the Kingdom of Lithuania in a Crusade, created the Kingdom of Ireland, and is poised to take over Scotland through marriage. Spain has been rid of all heathens. England and France are both plagued with revolts that seem to last forever. No chronicle will be uploaded this time as 20+ years of entries were somehow not exported. Map images below.
  3. Game One: We played from 1066 to 1112. Mark played as the Emperor of the HRE and I played as the Petty King of Mumu(Southern Ireland). My chronicle exported. Mark's will be post later most likely. Maps
  4. Some of us are planning on playing CK2 this weekend because of reasons. Everyone who has the game is invited to come along and enjoy the game. Once this game is eventually finished it will be ported over to EU4 and will be continued there. If you would like to play please show up a half hour to a hour before game start on the specified days. Dates: Friday October 17th - Monday October 20th Time: 1400Zulu - 2200Zulu Break: 10 Minutes every hour, 1630Zulu - 1800Zulu Dinner/Lunch Break DLC: All but Sunset Invasion (Maybe SOA) Starting Period: High Middle Ages (1066 AD) Playable Region: Depends on player count TBD Speed: No higher than 3(Three) Pausing: No more than 10 minutes for gameplay reasons per player, no more than once an hour for non gameplay reasons per player Starting Ruler: Free to choose Dynasty Change: You may only change dynasties once you're entire dynasty has been wiped out Player Vassals: No more than 2(Two) player vassals at start of game Roleplaying: Roleplay your character to the best of your ability
  5. Why would you even want an animated fire selector? It's not something you will ever need to look at, even ingame.
  6. This event falls on the same day as a concert...
  7. So it would appear that someone has gone and deleted all of America's infantry before I started playing. Since kevin was the one playing US before I joined I assume it was him who did it.
  8. Sorry about not replying very often, was out in the field for gunnery and didn't have much time to read the forums. I plan on trying to start this tomorrow. Most likely around 1700 or 1800 Zulu. If not tomorrow then Sunday we will try for a similar start time. If we get enough people to have a good start tomorrow I will allow for people to JIP in on the next one or two games so they can play as well. I understand some people want to play with mods but this time around we will be doing a vanilla game only. You will need Hamachi to connect to the host to play. Again I'm sorry for the late response etc.
  9. Not 100% on how nation selection will be done or rules on it atm
  10. HOI 3 and most likely vanilla
  11. Looking to see whos interested in one or two sessions of Hearts of Iron in a couple of weeks. Games would take place on the weekends during an agreed upon time. Post if you're interested.
  12. Excellent! Rotor blades are useless anyway.
  13. What kind of pain meds did they give you? Edit: Also how much is covered since you're in the reserves/NG? I don't know alot about what benefits(if any) you get through them.
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